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Minneapolis Skyline

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Mark Herman is an award-winning commercial graphic artist, designer and illustrator.  His true passion is creating his own iconic graphic art – depictions of landmarks and other notable moments.  In this jigsaw puzzle Mark captures his hometown, Minneapolis.  Hope you enjoy!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pieces too similar

I had the same experience as Angie. I have almost all of your puzzles and love each. This one looks really great, but after getting the middles pieces with designs together (river, bridges, buildings, clouds) could not get the plain blue sky and upper border to work. First time had a couple dozen pieces that wouldn't fit, pulled those areas apart and got down to about 10 second try but none of them would fit in any available place.

Pieces fit too many ways

Beautiful artwork but terrible for putting together. Pieces fit together too many different ways and you can't tell which one is correct. Quite maddening and not fun like it's supposed to be. :( We gave up after redoing the boarder over and over again trying to find which pieces weren't connected correctly.

Angie, thanks for this review. We haven't produced many panoramic puzzles and I think we may need to switch up the die cut on this one. Sorry this was a frustrating one for you. Tony

Tracy Becker
Great look, bad pieces

The puzzle itself looks great but the pieces aren’t fully cut, making it really difficult to determine if they fit together

Ugh! That's not good. Can you send us a photo of your issue for us to review. If you've received a defect we will replace your puzzle!