REMOTE Puzzle Derby

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Test your puzzling skills, support the St. Louis County 4-H and have fun during this time when the Duluth Puzzle Derby typically happens in person! 

Timing:  Week of May 14th – May 22nd

This fun event is open to everyone (shipping within USA only).  The puzzle is specific to Duluth Minnesota (so you may see some iconic sights associated with Duluth). 

The art for this puzzle has been created by a Minnesota artist.  However, you don't have to be from Minnesota to participate.  You can also choose to compete or assemble the puzzle puzzle just for fun.  In the end, we're just hoping to spread some cheer and support the St. Louis County 4-H.

Participants who chose to compete must complete this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle as individuals or in teams of 2, 3 or 4 people.  A gift certificate for $40 to will be awarded to each First Place team in each team size category. 

The puzzle you are purchasing here for this competition will be a new release, 500 piece, PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzle, never seen before - shipped to you in a USPS Priority Mail box.  Cost is $25 plus tax and shipping of $7.50.  The St. Louis County 4-H will receive $5 for each "REMOTE Puzzle Derby" jigsaw purchased. 

Note: DO NOT open the package until your stopwatch for the competition is started.  This year you will be allowed to use cutting tools to open the shipping box only.

Please visit PuzzleTwist/remote-puzzle-derby for more details about the event.