Jam Session

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Julie Borden - Prolific, Amazing Color, Truly Unique, and Painter of Music are words and phrases often used to describe Julie Borden, aka Juleez.  Known for her hand-painted musical instruments, Julie's signature curvy piano keyboards and use of color are recognized by musicians worldwide.  It was a delight working with Julie on Jam Session, a puzzle we're sure will keep your toes tapping.  Enjoy!

Jam Session Jigsaw Puzzle © 2018 Maynard's, LLC, MN USA.  All Rights Reserved.
Jam Session art is a copyright of Juilie Borden.  All Rights Reserved.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Beth Vanderloop
Best puzzles ever

I am an avid puzzle maker and always have a puzzle going. My husband was looking for puzzles that are more challenging for me because I make them so quickly.

We bought this puzzle and a couple pieces were missing. I contacted Puzzle Twist and was sent replacement pieces. I was so impressed with the superb customer service. I received 3 options and one of them is about as perfect as you could hope for.

Additionally, I absolutely love these puzzles. The quality is great, the art designs are really fun and I enjoy the twist put into them so much. These are my favorite puzzles to make.

Challenging but fun

I bought this puzzle for the image not realizing there was twist to the puzzle. But that made it so much more challenging and fun! I did this during the pandemic when I had several evenings to work on it. I really enjoyed the bright colors and piecing together the final image.

Norma Murray

It took me a full year to complete this challenging puzzle. It was to fill time during the pandemic. After completeting it yesterday, I discovered four missing pieces.
So disappointing. I had wanted to frame it when done.

So sorry to hear about your missing pieces. Send us a photo from a birds eye view and we'll send you replacement pieces for your puzzle!

Congratulations on completing Jam Session! It's a tough one.

Tony S.
What a Jam!!!

One of the only things resembling the box cover were the vibrant colors. Pieces were done separately, but where they fit didn't come together till the last day, i.e. the trumpet, bugle, clarinet etc. State Fair After Dark was my previous experience. Challenging and fun. Will certainly try others as time permits.