Waterfowl Wonders

Waterfowl Wonders

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Mike Lentz is a nature photographer with an amazing ability to capture the astounding beauty of wildlife. He was commissioned by the DNR to capture all the ducks native to the region. In this jigsaw, we join these distinguished ducks as they paddle and play along the water’s edge.

Here's the twist: A puzzle with more than you bargained for, as four more ducks join this waterside retreat that are not shown on the box cover.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ruth Erickson
beautiful waterfowl

This was our first puzzle twist. We thoroughly enjoyed it even though it is probably the most difficult puzzle we have done. It was fun to find the 4 mystery ducks. We have never framed a puzzle but plan to frame this one and then purchase another puzzle twist!

Accurate Duck Images & Outstanding Puzzle

This is a great puzzle. I am in process of putting it together for the second time. The ducks are correct; i.e from another company I love a puzzle of a pileated woodpecker family but it has 2 males and no female; irritating. This puzzle is all pleasure. I plan to purchase more "with a twist".

Lori Urvakis
Love the ducks

Loved the puzzle. Enjoy the added challenge of the puzzle twist. My first one was Iowa Spirit, I was hesitant to buy this one due to the bad review, however, did not have any issues with pieces not fitting. I put a lot of puzzles together and found this company to be high quality. I ordered Larry,s chance encounter, and looking for “wild Wonders”. Highly recommended this brand!


Joan Holmedal
Wonderful Waterfowl Wonders!

I really enjoyed this puzzle. Yes, it was difficult, but that is what I wanted. When the puzzle is done the satisfaction makes up for the occasional fits of frustration. The ducks are so magnificent and their plumage so vibrant that just seeing the picture evolve was rewarding. I'm looking forward to more bird and animal twists in the future. It is a bit like solving a murder mystery where you have to find hidden clues!

Keep puzzling friends!
Regards, Joan.

Mary Jo Hartogh

Con--The pieces are small and hard to put in, so you think that must not fit there. Several pieces fit exactly in other places where they do not belong. I had to take apart and reassemble in several areas. Almost gave up and put it away without finishing. The "4 More" idea is just horrible! I promised I would never knowingly buy another "4 More" puzzle.
Pro--The duck photos were wonderful. A favorite subject.

Mary Jo -

Thanks for taking the time to assemble one of our puzzles and write a review. I'm sorry to hear the puzzle ended up frustrating you. Our intent is to add a little challenge while not making the puzzle impossible. We hope the four additional waterfowl adds a nice surprise in the 4More! series. We realize our twists are not for everyone... but again appreciate you giving them a try.

The size of our pieces are pretty standard for a 1,000 piece puzzle at 19.25' x 26.625'. You may want to consider a larger puzzle size when doing a 1,000 piece puzzle in the future or try a 500 piece puzzle to obtain larger pieces.

The cut of our pieces vary from one print run to another. We try to create puzzles dies that are fun and we generally use random shaped interlocking pieces.

Very happy to hear you like Mike Lentz's photography of the waterfowl native to Minnesota. He's photographed just about every type of waterfowl that can be seen in Minnesota. As a result, the Minnesota DNR has actually used his photography on display at the Minnesota State Fair to illustrate the different types of waterfowl that can be seen throughout this region.

Again, appreciate you giving our jigsaw puzzle brand a try and sorry the 4More! twist is not for you.

Best regards,