AuSM Connections Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

Register your adult or family team for the first annual AuSM Connections Jigsaw Puzzle Competition 2018 to be held on July 21, 2018 at Mall of America! Online registration is open until noon on July 19. Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishing teams in each category. Don't miss out on this fun day of support for the local autism community! (Special thanks to CyBick Creative for creating this fun event video for AuSM!)…/ausm-fundraisers/puzzle-comp-2018.html

Not the same old jigsaw... puzzles with a twist!

What you see is not what you get!  PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzles are new and unique puzzle adventures with exciting and unexpected twists!  The puzzle is always a bit different from what you see on the box, with multiple changes in the image.  Piece-by-piece, something surprising awaits as your puzzle is revealed.  It's jigsaw with a little more challenge and a ton more fun!  Once you've been twisted, you'll never go back.