REMOTE Puzzle Derby

Timing:  Week of April 4th – April 11th

This fun event is open to everyone (shipping within USA only).  Participants compete to complete a 500 piece jigsaw puzzle as individuals or in teams of 2, 3 or 4 people.  A prize ($40 gift certificate to will be awarded to each First place team in each team size category. 

Test your puzzling skills, support the St. Louis County 4-H and have FUN!  Here’s how it will work – please read all the instructions!

Sign Up/Payment

Order the “REMOTE Puzzle Derby” contest puzzle.  Registration is now closed.  This puzzle will be a new release, 500 piece, PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzle, never seen before - shipped to you in a USPS Priority Mail box.  Cost is $25 plus tax and shipping of $7.50.  The St. Louis County 4-H will receive $5 for each "REMOTE Puzzle Derby" jigsaw purchased.

Set Up Your Puzzle Station
When you receive your package DO NOT open it.  Set up a recording device (i.e., cell phone with full battery) to record your puzzling (time-lapse mode).  Place the USPS Priority Mail Package in the center of the puzzling surface and a stopwatch/timer in the camera's view.


  • Must record a time-lapse video of the assembly of your puzzle with stopwatch/timer visible anytime from April 4th – April 10th (first attempt only).
  • Contestants cannot use any puzzle assistance tools. This includes spatulas/paper for moving pieces, cutting devices to open USPS Priority Mail box, or cell phones to photograph box cover for additional reference.
  • Sorting trays WILL be allowed.

Ready, Set, Go!

  • Gather your team around the table.
  • Make sure USPS Priority Mail box and stopwatch are both visible by the time-lapse camera.  Start your time-lapse video.
  • Start your stopwatch.
  • Open the USPS Priority Mail box in view of the time-lapse camera.
  • Start puzzling.
  • After the final piece is set in place, hit stop on the stopwatch.
  • Write your time on the time sheet included within the box with your team name and place the paper in the center of the completed puzzle. Hit stop on your time-lapse video.

Final Steps

  • Email results by April 10th by 5 PM to
    Include your team name, division, and finish time.
    Time should be recorded as follows.
    Hours : Minutes : Seconds . Hundreths of Seconds
    (1:35:12.06 = 1 hour:35 minutes:12 seconds.06 hundreths).
  • Post your time-lapse video on April 11th at 9 AM CTS (not prior) to your social media channel of choice (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).
    Post as follows.

Team (Your team name here) finished the Duluth REMOTE Puzzle Derby!  @duluthpuzzlederby @puzzletwist #DuluthPuzzleDerby #PuzzleTwist #jigsawpuzzle #JigsawPuzzleContest #RemotePuzzleDerby

  • Winning times will be verified by the Duluth Derby by viewing the posted time-lapse videos on April 11th and all times and winners will be posted shortly thereafter.
  • Winning teams in each division will receive a $40 gift certificate to

For any pre-contest questions contact us:
• Message us on the Duluth Derby Facebook Page or email