Canal Park – Duluth

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Here's the twist: The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box!
What happened here.

This puzzle highlights Canal Park where numerous summer events take place. You will notice on the box cover that the tall ships are sailing into port. You will need to complete the puzzle to find out about another popular event held at Canal Park. Have fun!

About the Artist:
Michael Birawer, is a nationally-acclaimed artist from St. Paul, Minnesota, best known for his unique style of painting cityscapes and iconic neighborhood locations. His signature twisted buildings seem to dance with each other and capture the spirit of each location he paints.  In this jigsaw Michael truly brings Canal Park Duluth to life. Enjoy! 

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Great challenge, but missing a piece.

We really enjoyed the challenge as well as the twists. Unfortunately, we are missing a piece.

Yay! So happy you enjoyed the puzzle.

Yikes! A lost piece... send us a photo with your return address and we'll ship you a replacement piece. Make sure that photo is straight from above (birds-eye-view).

Thanks for doing a PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzle!

Canal Park

Like the puzzle, but you need to tell buyers what they should be looking for. Not like Wasgij, where you try to figure out what happened, but how many differences can you identify, and finally, where is this image (like Waldo) hidden in the puzzle. Without knowing this is the twist, this is a crappy concept. Puzzle was quality. Nice image. Poorly communicated concept.

Gary, thanks for giving PuzzleTwist a try and we appreciate you taking time to write a review. I'm sorry you didn't care for our communication for the concept of the puzzle. We just revised how the back cover of our puzzles will read in the future. I added an image of this to the Canal Park product page. Take a look and see if we are doing any better. Again - thanks so much for the feedback.



Received puzzle from relatives in Duluth. They thought I would like it since I was originally from Duluth. The color change on the cars and trees threw me for a loupe. Love Grandmas and other restraunt’s on canal park. Grandkids like the bridge.

Love theses puzzles

Love these puzzle twist. Should do a puzzle of Stillwater/St. Croix River

Sandy formerly of duluth
Yeh- gads!

Just finished it. Challenging and I hated it at first! Was going to send it back and complain but as I worked bottom toward top, my pain eased. In the end I loved it. Good quality and color...fun!