Doggone Crazy!

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The masterful artwork and rich choice of color offer an engaging perspective that captures each breed's true personality. While all the pups are friendly and loyal, they do enjoy a bit of playful fun as a few romp to a whole new spot in the display.

Here's the twist:  A shuffle of tiles, a picture exchange–how the final arrangement will appear is a mystery waiting to be solved. Your strategy of assembling the jigsaw puzzles' border first will throw you for a loop, as these canines switch places.

----- About the Artist -----
Sarah Thornton is an oil painter from Minnesota with a background in biology and a love for color theory. Dog and cat portraits interest her because of the joy they bring to people’s lives.

Sarah's technique is to sketch a realistic portrait then using paint to destroy that realism with swaths of color. Some colors are spontaneous and others are well planned. Her approach is very low-tech: Lots of practice, a dash of obsession, and access to art materials. Commissions are welcome through her website or instagram.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Beverly Nathan
what a mind workout

I worked off and on for 6 months
Now since this area is full of snow, wind and cold I have finished it
To bad there are 6 to 7 pieces missing
I have a special table for working on my puzzles so it was never moved
I can understand 1 or 2 pieces missing, but not so many
Jan 31 2023

Please email us an photo of the areas where you have lost pieces and we'll get you out replacement pieces asap. I feel your frustration. Let's get this jigsaw solved.

Great challenge

Loved this challenge. Not only did I not know which dog went where but so many other mix ups to make it interesting. Kept me guessing and working. Can't wait to do another one.

Kat Mac
High Quality

The puzzle was hard, but the finished product is beautiful. We never look at the box when doing puzzles so that twist didn't matter to us.
The "Maynard" twist is absolutely ridiculous. I'm guessing most people don't read the flyer that's in the puzzle box, or go to the website to check this out, but we did. Even when we were told where this secret guy was hiding, we couldn't tell, even using a magnifying glass. Fun idea to have a twist, but this wasn't even fun!

Hi Kat, we agree... on a few of our puzzles we made Maynard way to hard to find... or in this case... unrecognizable... ugh. We've redone this one on Doggone Crazy so that he is easier to find in the future. Those puzzles will be on the market in 2021.

Thanks so much for doing one of our puzzles and leaving a review.

arielle vlodaver
Really fun puzzle

I loved the puzzle however I am missing a piece which is sad because I really want to put it up on my wall. The image being mixed up made every section completed feel like a giant accomplishment, just wish I could accomplish putting in that last puzzle piece!

Jill Robinson
What a fun puzzle

We loved the quality of the puzzle and quick delivery of buying local and supporting a small business. This puzzle kept our attention and was exciting to see where the dogs actually ended up.

We searched and searched for Maynard , read the clues and eventually found him.
Fun bonus!!