Wisconsin Spirit

Wisconsin Spirit

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This masterfully created visual landscape includes iconic symbols of Wisconsin. As you begin to find some of the changes, some will simply make you smile. Others will bring back your own memories found while visiting the state, and a few will require you to complete the jigsaw before they come into view.

Here's the twist: The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box! The entire state of Wisconsin will come to life with each of the differences you spot.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Kathie Mahzad
Love the puzzles

I have done Wisconsin and loved the challenge. It was not hard. I have done about 6 they are fun. Love quality and size of pieces. We need a Michigan puzzle. My sister's love your puzzles.

Bruce Kirking
Great Ouzzle

Just finished Wisconsin Spirit puzzle. We have about 5-6 now of these twisted puzzles. My wife loves them!!! I prefer a puzzle and picture the same so I can find things!

Hi Bruce,
We sure appreciate you and your wife doing our puzzles and happy to hear that your wife loves them.

We understand that our concept isn't for everyone and understand your stance of preferring to be able to look at an actual picture of the final puzzle when assembling a puzzle. Fortunately for you... there are a few other brands out there that do this... LOL. However, if you do want to do our puzzles with the actual image in hand just email us and we will send you the actual image to work from. In the end... we just want you both to enjoy the jigsaw puzzles.

Thanks again for doing our puzzles and taking the time to write a review.


How am I supposed to put together a puzzle of the tiniest pieces without the correct picture? Dumb if you ask me! I have never seen such tiny pieces.

Hi Lisa,

I'm sorry you're not a fan of our concept. I guess it is not for everyone. If you would like to see the actual reveal please feel free to send us an email and we will send you the image of the actual puzzle. In the end... we just want you to enjoy the puzzle.

In regards to the piece size... this is a typical 1,000 piece puzzle. If you would like larger pieces you could do a 500 piece puzzle or look for our Midwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap puzzle... that is 1,000 pieces that have a little larger pieces as the final puzzle is a bit larger.

Thanks for trying our puzzle. Again, I'm sorry it's not for you.

Wisconsin Spirit

the border is taking forever and tiny pieces don't go with regular size- Can I get a regular picture

Hi Sue,

I'm sorry our concept of having a twist is not for you. We'll send you the actual image of the puzzle asap. Hopefully that will make your jigsaw puzzle experience more enjoyable.

I'm not sure if I'm tracking with your comment about tiny pieces don't go with regular size... can you email us a photo of the pieces you are concerned about. We do use a random cut die for our pieces so you will find that the size will be different for various pieces... but none should be as dramatic as you seem to make it out to be. In the end, we really do appreciate you giving our puzzles a try.

Harder than I expected.

Definitely challenging not having a photo to go by. I expected under the reveal link to see one. Is there a way of getting one?