Winter Carnival Buttons

Winter Carnival Buttons

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Here's the twist: The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box! Celebrate the Winter Carnival 130th year by assembling this collection of Winter Carnival Buttons from years past.

This puzzle created for the St. Paul Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest takes you on a historical tour of this annual winter celebration. Learn all about the legend of the carnival with buttons of King Boreas, the Vulcans, the Bouncing Team and Klondike Kate. Reminisce about past carnival events including past ice palaces, ice skating and toboggan races.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jim F.
Bright and Colorful Fun Puzzle

This puzzle has lots of fun parts. It has images, words, numbers, all of which are bright and colorful. The concept of mixing up the box cover order and changing images made it more difficult. I loved the subject matter a lot. It’s fun to do together as a family; each person can choose a favorite section. This puzzle was a great gift. It’s perfect if you are stuck home and need something to do for a distraction from the mundane, or if you need to pass time. I would recommend it.

My daughter-in-law loved this puzzle!

I was so excited when I saw this puzzle! My daughter in law was the 2012 Winter Carnival North Wind Princess, plus she loves puzzles, so what better Christmas gift than a Winter Carnival puzzle. She was more excited receiving this than the younger kids were when they opened their gifts! Score one for the Mother-in-Law! 🥰

Elizabeth Fuller
Winter Carnival Fun

I just finished the winter carnival buttons puzzle and enjoyed seeing the history in this colorfull collection of buttons. The puzzle twists are fun to figure out and add a challenge to the puzzle.
Thanks for the trivia too!