Life is Better at the Lake

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1,000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

Life is Better at the Lake celebrates everything related to lake life from relaxing lake! From a simple walk along the beach to catching that prized keeper or sailing among white caps this jigsaw puzzle will remind you of those long summer days on the water... without leaving you with a sun burn!

About the Twist:

Something's Amiss!® Series: When assembling this puzzle you will find a number of things that have gone amiss (differences from the box cover image and the final puzzle image).  Have fun discovering the changes.

About the Artist:
Lindsay Nohl, owner of the Light Gray Art Lab illustration gallery and Paper Bicycle product design studio (both located in Minneapolis, MN) illustrated this puzzle celebrating life at the lake.  This puzzle is a follow-up to Lindsay's Cabin Rules jigsaw puzzle.  Similar to Cabin Rules, Lindsay drew from her own experiences as Life is Better at the Lake was created.  Thanks Lindsay for a puzzle certain to make a splash!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Life is Better at the Lake

Absolutely loved this puzzle. It was a good challenge to put together and fun at the end to find all the differences.

Great challenge

Love the colors, the theme, and the challenge. Created frustration at times around the LAKE words....could NOT see how they fit together so in the end it was a matter of finding the right shape of pieces. The mixing of scenes, additions to the puzzle, etc. created a good challenge to experienced puzzlers. The size is great, and it's so pretty. I am missing a piece as well, but I purchased it used so that could be why. I'll just note it on the box for the next person!
I've done puzzles before that have a "twist" and this was different, but just as fun!
The art is amazing and it brought back memories of time at the lake when I was a child....overall, a lot of fun!

Amazing quality and my new favorite puzzle

I am a puzzle fanatic, have tried 1000 dollar puzzles to ones from the dollar store. I do at least one jigsaw puzzle a week so when I saw this local Minnesota brand at the state fair I had to buy quite a few of their puzzles. The owner was truly amazing and was so passionate about their company! I couldn’t help but to support this local business and WOW am I glad I did! Not only did I love the theme, the amazing quality of this puzzle, size of the pieces and the twist was fun. It added an extra challenge but was still enjoyable. I loved the photo of this puzzle because it was like doing 13 mini puzzles and you could work on a section or two when you had the time! Perfect for kids with shorter attention spans. I loved the variety of puzzle cuts making it easier to know when a piece is in the correct space.
Ps I wanted to add that every single puzzle I bought (I bought 10 puzzles) HAD ALL ITS PIECES. They were all there and I had no issues! I’ll be reordering for holiday and upcoming birthday gifts!

Jamie Allen
Piece missing!

Loved this puzzle.. thought maybe I was losing my mind because I was missing a piece. After reading the reviews, turns out it’s a common thing for these puzzle to have random pieces missing. Kind of upset I paid $20 for a “nice puzzle” only to be unable to complete it.

The puzzle is otherwise beautiful and the pieces fit together very nice.

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the review and I'm sorry to hear about your lost pieces.

I sent you an email with directions on how to request replacement pieces from us. Hopefully that will work to get your puzzle completed.

We do get a few requests for pieces that have gone missing. Of these, many times we are contacted again with notification that the pieces were found... sometimes in the most unusual places (dishwasher, car, coat pocket, etc.). The most common place pieces are lost happens to be the sealed plastic bag that the puzzle came originally came in. When emptying the puzzle out a piece or two may not fall out and gets caught up in the plastic. I'd recommend you check there first.

It is possible for a piece to go missing at the production plant. However, I wouldn't consider it very likely or a common occurrence.

In the end... we just want you to have a completed puzzle. So please do reply back to my email and we'll get you some replacements.

Puzzle lover
Not too hard for a week’s puzzling

I loved this puzzle with a twist! Found it easier than the floral puzzle I did recently. Couldn’t find Maynard, who was smaller than I expected. Loved the water and beach tones. Small hints like different colors of trees in the backgrounds was very helpful!

For an extra challenge, experienced puzzler, don’t look at the top of the box!