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The masterful artwork and rich choice of color offer an engaging perspective that captures the true personality of each feline. While attitudes vary, these cats are enduring friends and playful companions as a few sneak about to a whole new spot in the display.  Each with the cute confidence you would expect from a cat.

Here's the twist:  A shuffle of tiles, a picture exchange–how the final arrangement will appear is a mystery waiting to be solved. Your strategy of assembling the jigsaw puzzles' border first will throw you for a loop, as these felines switch places.

----- About the Artist -----
Sarah Thornton is an oil painter from Minnesota with a background in biology and a love for color theory. Dog and cat portraits interest her because of the joy they bring to people’s lives.

Sarah's technique is to sketch a realistic portrait then using paint to destroy that realism with swaths of color. Some colors are spontaneous and others are well planned. Her approach is very low-tech: Lots of practice, a dash of obsession, and access to art materials. Commissions are welcome through her website or instagram.

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