Minnesota Spirit

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Take a walk through a graphical display of iconic Minnesota from Paul Bunyan to Little House on the Prairie. Embrace a bit of Minnesota nice, as piece by piece you uncover the changes in this land of 10,000 lakes.

Here's the twist: The puzzle ON the box is more than a bit different from the puzzle IN the box! Minnesota will come to life with each of the differences you spot.

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Challenging but fun!

My third Twist puzzle - never disappointed!

What a great Minnesota Challenge

My family just loved how many differences in this puzzle. It was very challenging but in the best way! Puzzles is very well made and definitely is high quality.

To many missing pieces

Got this from my sister for Christmas since I moved away from Minnesota.
Box was checked we have it spread on a big table, no little children there has to be over 2 dozen pieces missing , from edges to random middle pieces. Very disappointing to put in hours and hours of work to have an ugly unfinished puzzle


I'm so sorry about your frustration with this puzzle. It sounds like you may have received a lemon here. If there's over 24 pieces missing something must have gone wrong at the plant. Ack! Please contact us via email and we'll make this right. I'm so sorry to hear about this.


Missing pieces

We have started and are already missing edge pieces. Thought I'd look at the reviews and I see this is an issue for this puzzle. We will continue to see if there are more missing.

Hi Jessica,
So sorry to hear about the missing pieces. First, I would ask that you double check the sealed plastic bag the puzzle came shipped in. Often times a piece or two will get caught up in that bag without you realizing it. If not there... if you can send me a photo of the issue we will make it right. Again, I'm sorry about this.

tommy george
minnesota spirit jigsaw puzzle

my friend from minnesota that is on social security sent me this puzzle for christmas,i can see why it is called a twist,lmao,it is missing 7 end pieces,,not one not two but seven,on the top where the geese are ,one corner piece then missing 7 pieces,no wonder you call it a twist,i went thru this box 15 times looking for them,,i tpold her to never buy this product again ,if this is how you do business,you need to get out of it,i love puzzles,always have,,but yours is one of the worst products ive ever used,have a greatr new year,and learn how to make your product right,,when people try to be nice ,and cant afford what they buy for someone,you can at least make sure all the pieces are there,throwing in the garbage now,thank you tommy

I’m so sorry to hear about the missing pieces in your puzzle. Ack! Sounds like something may have gone wrong in production. I'm so sorry about this.

We can send you replacement pieces.

First, a common place where pieces get lost is within the plastic bag the puzzle was originally shipped in. When emptying the puzzle out of the plastic bag a piece or few pieces may get hung up in the plastic without you realizing it. Can you check the plastic bag that the puzzle was packed in to just make sure the pieces are not there? Chances are they not in the bag with 7 missing… but always worth a look.

If not there… we'd be happy to send you replacement pieces. If you can take photos straight down from a birds-eye-view of the areas where pieces are missing (so we can identify the shapes and locations) and also take a photo of a corner section of the puzzle (so we can identify the die cut used) then we can send you replacements.

Please include your address and replacement pieces will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Note, we are about 80% successful in finding lost pieces. If we are unable to find your missing pieces we will contact you with an alternative solution.

We appreciate that you took the time to assemble a PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzle. We hope you will continue to look for our puzzles in the future.

Best regards,