Colorful Canines

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500 piece jigsaw puzzle.

Colorful Canines brings a curious group of pups to life showcasing their unique personalities. A twist all dog lovers will enjoy!

About the Twist:
Something's Amiss!® Series: When assembling this puzzle you will find a number of things that have gone amiss (differences from the box cover image and the final puzzle image).  Have fun discovering the changes.

About the Artist:
Luka Va is well known for her whimsical animal illustrations.  Within Colorful Canines Luka brings a curious group of dogs to life showcasing their unique personalities.  A twist all dog lovers will enjoy. Currently living in Melbourne, Luka has a variety of products using her art including greeting cards that can be found at www.surfingsloth.com.au.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Bob Hartshorn
499 piece puzzle?

Fun puzzle to do . . . . 500 pieces in the box but we got 2 pieces that are duplicates so we are missing a piece.
How does that happen? Once in a million?
Is this another puzzle twist? If so, maybe we should go and buy a lottery ticket today.

Oh my. Not part of the twist. I'll contact you to see what's going on and get this fixed for you. So sorry for the frustration... but I hope you had luck with that lottery ticket ;-)

Martha B
A Joy to Complete

The twists were so fun! I enjoyed looking at the picture and finding all the differences from the box when we were finished. I look forward to getting more with something amiss.

Stacey P
Loved the twist!

My mom and I totally enjoyed putting together this adorable puzzle. The twists were so fun and cute! We laughed out loud several times. It was close enough to the picture on the box to give us some guidance, but just different enough to make it a little more challenging. Now, I’m going pick out a couple more to buy! Thanks for all of the fun!

John Smith
Colorful Canines

It sucks when you can't find the correct picture online or on the company website. I hate these twist puzzles because of that.