2019 AuSM Connections Jigsaw Puzzle Competition

The 2019 AuSM Connections Jigsaw Puzzle Competition was held at the Mall of America on July 2st to benefit the Autism Society of Minnesota (AuSM). 

Mall of America Jigsaw PuzzleMALL OF AMERICA Jigsaw Puzzle Contest

First competition had teams of 4 people racing to complete the MALL OF AMERICA jigsaw puzzle by Adam Turman.  Adam showed up during the competition and got everyone started with a count down and stayed to sign puzzles at the end.

Top three finishing teams:
Los Rompecabezeros: Fist Place
The Puzzling Quartet MCLL: Second Place
Wicker Kittens: Third Place


ROBOTS jigsaw puzzleROBOTS Jigsaw Puzzle Contest

Second competition had two divisions (family with 4 people on each team and adult with 2 people on each team) competing to complete the ROBOTS jigsaw puzzle by Steve Thomas.

Top three family teams to finish:
#gettinjiggywithit: 36 minutes 19 seconds
EC Puzzlers: 23 minutes 47 seconds
Los Rompecabezeros: 25 minutes 46 seconds

Top three adult teams to finish:
Switch, Rotate: 19 minutes and 21 seconds
Doolan's Cutting Tools: 23 minutes and 49 seconds
The Collectors: 26 minutes and 14 seconds

Complete Results Here.

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