Revealed: Adventures of Paul and Babe


  Here's the whole twist...

These two lifelong friends sure enjoy the outdoors – and have even been spotted doing a jigsaw puzzle!  Many things have gone amiss as Paul and Babe enjoy a fun-filled day of adventures! 

Were you able to find the 43 differences between the box cover and the puzzle art?


Adventures of Paul and Babe Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. Paul and Babe have paddled through the water -- as evidenced by 2 more lily pads appearing and two in different locations
  2. Paul and Babe switched life vests!
  3. An otter poked his head up to say “hello” to Paul and Babe
  4. Babe is now in the lead
  5. Trail sign appears along their path
  6. A bear is now watching Paul and Babe work on the jigsaw
  7. The loons are moving in the opposite direction
  8. This image changed locations
  9. The crescent moon is upside down and the stars are out
  10. Babe’s marshmallow is on fire!
  11. Paul has brought out his pipe
  12. The fire is a bit larger
  13. A pine cone replaced the tree just above the two axes
  14. The logs have moved and the fire is different
  15. The fox replaced the moose and is facing the other direction
  16. There’s a woodpecker in the tree
  17. The clouds have shifted
  18. Babe moved to check out the top hammock
  19. Paul has a book, but he’s not reading it
  20. Where did the fish go?
  21. Paul might have a bite; his fishing pole is bent and the bobble has gone under water
  22. Paul is smiling…in anticipation of catching a "big one"
  23. Babe is looking for the fish
  24. Babe’s tale is on the other side now
  25. There’s a fishhook in Babe’s tube and it’s leaking air!
  26. The fish that got away is now smiling at Paul
  27. Paul and Babe switched sides
  28. Babe is looking down...
  29. and Paul is worried...
  30. because his hat fell off the lift
  31. The moose moved here and is facing the other direction
  32. Goalie Babe moved here and noticed the puck slipped by him!
  33. The skiing image moved and they are headed the opposite direction now
  34. Babe is in the lead – looking strong
  35. And, it has begun snowing
  36. Hockey Paul moved here...
  37. and the sky is now grey
  38. The cardinal moved here and faces the other direction
  39. There’s a mushroom next to the woodpile...
  40. and a squirrel
  41. The saw flipped upside-down
  42. Paul and Babe switched chairs
  43. Paul and Babe are enjoying their drinks -- glasses are now half full

Were you able to find all the changes?


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