Revealed: Badger State


  Here's the whole twist...

Badger State

Wisconsin fans indulge in the many things that have gone amiss while exploring and hanging out in the Badger State.  Were you able to find the 15 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

The Badger State Revealed:

1) Badger, beer and bratwurst rotated locations clockwise.  Badger must have wanted a better view!  Beer shifted to the bratwurst position, and the bratwurst shifted to the badger position.

2) Snowflakes moved -- as they so often do!

3) Maple leaf on top of puzzle flipped horizontally.

4) Maple copters, whirlybirds, or maple samaras have moved to the top of the state outline.

5) Green leaves were added to the upper right corner of the puzzle.

6) Football rotated in it’s current location, due to a well thrown spiral.

7) Maple leaf and cranberries have changed locations.

8) Green leaves were also added above the fish.

9) Cheese and cherries swapped locations,

10) Pinecones rotated, slanting in opposite direction and next to each other.

11) One maple leaf appears at the bottom of puzzle as opposed to two.

12) Violets are bunched closer together.

13) Green leaves behind the W in Wisconsin were replaced with a maple leaf.

14) Red colored words changed to dark green color.

15) Some of the dark green colored words changed to red.

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