Revealed: Barnyard Buddies


  Here's the whole twist...

What expressive and fashionable barnyard pals! Each showing off their delightful personalities as some things have gone amiss. Were you able to find the 18 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Barnyard Buddies Revealed:

  1.  Gertrude, the cow is now sporting a classy top hat
  2.  Gertrude, the cow loaned his glasses to a friend
  3.  Double take, the boards have flipped in the background!
  4.  The alpaca, Miss Rosie, is wearing her favorite flower crown
  5.  The chicken, Lola, decided to stop just hanging around and joined the group in the ostrich’s location
  6.  Lola, the chicken, is wearing her statement glasses, earrings and necklace
  7. Dub, the goat, is wearing his sophisticated round spectacles
  8. Dub, the goat, changed into his plaid bow tie (was polka dotted)
  9. Miss Rosie, the alpaca, has flowers in her mouth probably leftover from making her crown
  10. Looks like the cow loaned his glasses to the donkey, Snickers.
  11. Snickers, the donkey, appears darker with some grays – looking very dapper
  12. Stella, the sheep, decided to move to Wilbur (the pig’s) location
  13. Appears the ostrich has something to say (mouth is now open)
  14. The sassy ostrich moved closer/just above his buddy, the goat named Dub
  15. The pig, Wilbur, moved to Stella, the sheep’s location
  16. Stella, the sheep, removed her glasses
  17. Stella, the sheep, also changed to her teal colored necklace
  18. The artist's signature was moved


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