Revealed: Bear Retreat


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Answers for test your knowledge of Christopher Straub and teddy bears:

What national women’s clothing brand did Christopher develop his own fashion collections for?
He developed an exclusive line of women’s clothing for maurices in 2011

Can you name other plush critters Christopher has created?
Albert the Contused Manatee, Rocky the Confused Platypus and the Unabominable Yodi- all characters from his children’s book series

Christopher is the personal tailor for a Minnesota Legend at the Mall of America… can you name him?
Paul Bunyan – displayed at MOA near the Log Chute ride!

Who was the original “Teddy Bear” named after?
President Theodore Roosevelt (referred to as “Teddy” - a nickname he did not like).  He refused to shoot a helpless, captured bear during a Mississippi hunting trip.  Incident drew national attention and a popular political cartoon by Clifford Berryman was created. 

What year was the first Teddy Bear created?  1903

Morris Michtom (Brooklyn, NY shopkeeper) and his wife Rose made a stuffed fabric bear in honor of the president and displayed it with a sign “Teddy’s bear.”  Supposedly they wrote to the president to get permission to use his name and went on to create a company that manufactured teddy bears and toys.

Around the same time, a German company founded by Margarete Steiff made a plush version of its own.  Designed by Richard Steiff (her nephew); he modeled it after real-life bears he’d sketched at the zoo.  It debuted at a German toy fair in 1903.  Steiff bears became known as teddy bears in 1906.

One Inside-Out Critter within the puzzle is not a bear.  Can you spot and identify the type of critter?
It's a a FOX!


He's actually hidden twice in this puzzle... need a Hint? Click Here.

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