Revealed: Birdie Buddies


  Here's the whole twist...

When you are "birding," it’s important to look closely to pick up on details and identify these feathered friends.  Similarly, you will need to keep your eyes peeled as birds love to fly – so not surprising, there was plenty of movement in this puzzle!

Were you able to find the 40 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Birdie Buddies Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. Owen the Baltimore Oriole moves further into view and the name/label now appears above the image
  2. Background color changes, most notable on the top of the puzzle
  3. Cute, baby turkey appears here (from location #25)
  4. House Sparrow flies away – a new fuzzy baby House Wren appears
  5. Olive the Baltimore Oriole moves here from the bottom (location #31)
  6. Sandhill Crane is facing the opposite direction, and the name Sunny is revealed
  7. Free as a Bird phrase replaces the Goldfinch
  8. Baby Hummingbird appears and replaces the Take Flight phrase
  9. The phrase Feather Your Nest! appears here
  10. Francesca the Flamingo trades places with the Blue Heron…
  11. and both are now facing different directions
  12. Did you catch, there is slightly less water under the Loon
  13. The Hummingbirds swap places: Roxy trades places with Ruby (location #27)
  14. White Dove moves here (from location #29)
  15. Fire Tailed Sunbird name is revealed as Fike
  16. Piping Plover shifts over a bit – tough to spot but look closely at the belly!
  17. Tufted Titmouse moves down and to the other side of Wally the Yellow Warbler
  18. Chickadee appears here (from location #20)
  19. Wren appears here (from location #18)
  20. Northern Flicker appears here (from location #33)
  21. Pedro the Pink Robin trade places with Ringo the American Robin (location #40)
  22. Wally continues to sing, but is now facing the other direction
  23. Hooded Merganser is now facing towards Wally the Yellow Warbler
  24. Indigo Bunting swaps places with the Hooded Merganser (location #23)
  25. Nuthatch appears here (from location #19)
  26. Barry the Blue Jay changes to a vocal Bennie the Blue Jay
  27. Ruby trades places with Roxy the Rufous Hummingbird (from location #13)
  28. Phrase changes to Spread Your Wings
  29. White Dove is replaced with an adorable baby Trumpeter Swan
  30. Frankie the House Finch is missing!
  31. Owlet joins the scene replacing the Baltimore Oriole (which moved to location #5)
  32. Owl is now facing the Owlet
  33. Ah, Frankie the House Finch appears here (from location #30)
  34. Goldfinch is facing the opposite direction, and the name Gordon is added
  35. House Sparrow (from location #4) moves here and is smaller
  36. Take Flight! phrase from location #8 appears here
  37. Magpie and Cockatoo swap places…
  38. and both are looking the other way now
  39. Spread Your Wings moves under the Pileated Woodpecker (location #27)
  40. Ringo trades places with Pedro (location #21) and is facing in the opposite direction

Were you able to find all the changes?

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Answers to identifying the bird/species of each of the Birdie Buddies:
(Roughly listed left to right, and top to bottom based on the puzzle image)

Owen the Baltimore Oriole
Walker the baby House Wren
Sandy the Sandpiper
Olive the Baltimore Oriole
Sunny the Sandhill Crane
Coby the Crow
Rowan the baby Ruby Throated Hummingbird
Winnie the Red-bellied Woodpecker
Bella the Blue Heron
Willow the baby Wood Duck
Tommy the baby Turkey
Francesca the Flamingo
Cecil the Cedar Waxing
Lucy the Loon
Ruby the Hummingbird
Wanda the White Dove
Fike the Fire Tailed Sunbird
Pepper the Piping Plover
Syndey the Swallow
Betty the Black-capped Chickadee
Remi the Wren
Ellie the Eastern Bluebird
Fletcher the Northern Flicker
Queenie the Kingfisher
Clarence the Cardinal
Willy the Pileated Wookpecker
Ringo the American Robin
Tate the Tufted Titmouse
Wally the Yellow Warbler
Izzy the Indigo Bunting
Harold the Hooded Merganser
Clara the Cardinal
Niko the Nuthatch
Bennie the Blue Jay
Ricky the American Robin
Roxy the Rufous Hummingbird
Walter the Yellow-bellied Woodpecker
Suzi the Snipe
Ruben the Rooster
Teddy the baby Trumpeter Swan
Griffin the baby Great Horned Owl
Ollie the Owl
Frankie the House Finch
Gorden the Goldfinch
Sammy the House Sparrow
Millie the Magpie
Chloe the Cockatoo
Cleo the Catbird
Pedro the Pink Robin

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