Revealed: Cabin Life


  Here's the whole twist...

  Cabin Sweet Cabin!  Many things have gone amiss while soaking in nature and enjoying an early morning at the cabin.  Were you able to find the 32 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Cabin Life Revealed:

  1. Pine tree in upper left corner has a few added pine cones
  2. Cardinal is perched on the pine tree in the upper left corner
  3. The smoke from the cabin chimney has a new path in the sky
  4. An additional cardinal appears above the cabin
  5. The soaring eagle has changed direction of his flight
  6. The sun has started to rise as the day begins
  7. A chickadee has landed in the birch tree
  8. The woodpecker is pecking at a new spot
  9. A new pine tree appears in the distance (just to the right of the birch tree)
  10. Three bare spots on the ground have moved from the left side of the puzzle to the right
  11. Three mushrooms have appeared where the three bare spots of dirt used to be
  12. A moose is checking out the scene just left of the cabin
  13. The deer has grown antlers!
  14. A campfire has been started to the right of the cabin
  15. A squirrel has jumped on the cabin railing
  16. Lights have turned on inside the cabin
  17. The doormat to the cabin has changed colors
  18. The shape of the two squares on the front door have changed
  19. A lady slipper has grown in front of the cabin
  20. More rocks appear along the cabin path
  21. A hot coffee mug has been set on the arm of the Adirondack chair
  22. An otter is busy in the water
  23. A pine cone has fallen on the end of the dock
  24. Ah, a juvenile loon has climbed aboard mama loon
  25. More lily pads have grown around the dock
  26. The fish is making a jump for it in the other direction
  27. A cattail has sprung up
  28. Hey, the turtle is on the move
  29. Another bird, a robin, has joined the scene
  30. The color of the paint on the canoe paddles changed and one is now in front of the other
  31. A couple acorns have fallen on the ground – did the squirrel see that?
  32. Another flower has sprung to life by the canoe paddles

Were you able to find all the changes?

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