Revealed: Candy Cravings


  Here's the whole twist...

Yum - lots of old time favorite candy. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle.

Were you able to find the 30 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?



             Candy Cravings Revealed:

    1. Necco Candy has flipped 180 degrees!
    2. A Good News candy bar has been replaced with a Planter Peanut Bar
    3. Slap Stix sucker has moved locations slightly
    4. Sixlets packages have been flipped over (logo now shown on other package)
    5. Teaberry and Juicy Fruit packages switched places
    6. An additional Unicorn Pop has entered the puzzle
    7. WatchaMaCallIt has moved a bit to the right and now covers up Wonka logo
    8. Some loose M&Ms have fallen out of their package around the Laffy Taffy
    9. Wonka BottleCaps have been added to the candy pile
    10. Pink and blue stick candy has been moved and a red and pink stick candy appears in it’s place
    11. Red Tootsie Roll Pop on the Abba-Zabba Taffy has rolled over
    12. White Beemans package above Mary Jane candy has moved slightly, been opened and a piece of gum has started to slide out
    13. A green Chuckles with a bite out of it is next to the Chuckles package
    14. Three loose Dots have escaped from the Dots package
    15. Black Crows package has one additional black dot on the package
    16. “Cow Tales” or “Cow Tails” — which is correct?
    17. The yellow Bubble Gum Cigar has moved and a blue cigar has taken it’s space
    18. Yellow Candy Buttons have turned green
    19. One row of yellow Candy Buttons have turned pink
    20. FruitStripe gum has been added
    21. The blue and green Waxed Bottles have changed colors
    22. The price of the Boston Baked Beans has increased from 25¢ to 52¢
    23. A roll of Butter Rum LifeSavers candy has been added to the puzzle
    24. The red and green Safety Pops have swapped colors
    25. Good and Plenty has been added to the pile of candy on the right side
    26. An additional Butterfinger has been added to the pile on the bottom edge
    27. The Now and Later price has decreased from 25¢ to 5¢
    28. The red snipe (“a fat free food”) has come off the Lemon Head package
    29. Hard candy on top of the Zero bar has changed from green to red
    30. JujuFruits package on the left side of the image has changed and now the red and orange fruits have mysteriously swapped locations

Were you able to find them all?

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