Revealed: Canning Veggies


  Here's the whole twist...

Can’t beat the taste of garden fresh vegetables year around. Many things have gone amiss while canning some of your favorites. Were you able to find the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


 Canning Veggies Revealed:

    1. Wooden spoon moved from the right to the left on the wall
    2. Wooden fork is hanging next to the moved spoon
    3. Someone took the basket – no, there it is on the right side near the sweet yams
    4. Wood wall background is darker (oak versus maple)
    5. An additional asparagus spear appears on the table
    6. Fabric table cloth changed from red plaid to blue striped
    7. Two additional garlic cloves appear on the table
    8. Cucumber slice was added near the cucumber in the lower right corner
    9. Lid on the pickle jar was changed from burlap fabric to metal
    10. Cute red ribbon was added to decorate the pickle jar  
    11. Garlic cloves were added to the pickles
    12. Dill was added to the pickles as well –yum!
    13. The sweet yams were swapped with the carrots
    14. Pete’s Pickled Carrots label was added to the carrot jar
    15. The sweet yams have moved in the jar (appear in different locations)
    16. Lid on the sweet yams changed from metal to burlap fabric
    17. Pickled onions are now pickled eggs
    18. Twine color changed from tan to red on what is now the pickled eggs jar
    19. Burlap fabric lid for red peppers is now green
    20. Bertie’s Beets label was added to the jar of beets
    21. A basil leaf was added to the red pepper jar
    22. Ivy now appears behind the jar of garlic
    23. Ivy also appears at the base of the jar of beets
    24. New ivy is behind the pickles
    25. Behind the garlic, another tomato appears


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