Revealed: Cheers


  Here's the whole twist...


Here’s a toast to putting together more fun PuzzleTwist puzzles! Might be a mocktail or cocktail, either way many things have gone amiss while making these colorful, tasty drinks.

Were you able to find the 37 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Cheers! Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes

  1. Drink umbrella has changed to one with cute flowers (looks like the one from location #21)
  2. Orange slice added near the glass
  3. Lime slice added here!
  4. A heartwarming toast “to good friends” was added
  5. Skewer added to the mojito
  6. Drink looks like it was turned around
  7. This drink also moved, with the lemon now on the left side of the glass
  8. Sprig of rosemary changed locations
  9. Apple slice was added to the scene
  10. New drink was added (drink above moved slightly to make room)
  11. Cherry moved to where the rosemary sprig was located
  12. New beer bottle and pint glass was added
  13. Lemon slice changed to a lime slice
  14. Lime slice changed to a lemon slice
  15. Ok, what’s up, another drink has spun around!
  16. New drink added here
  17. Pineapple and cherry now add pizazz to this drink
  18. Garnishes have moved in this drink
  19. Yet another new drink was added
  20. Blueberries added to the martini
  21. Different drink umbrella was used
  22. Blueberries changed to mixed berries – makes sense as the blueberries were used in the martini (#20)
  23. “Skol” toast was added – to express cheers or as a celebratory cheer whenever the Vikings possibly score
  24. Cinnamon sticks added
  25. “Salut” toast added – to express good wishes or friendly feelings
  26. Drink umbrella changed – do you see it now? Umbrella on box in location #1 moved to #26, #26 to #21 and #21 to #1 – whew, got that?!
  27. Cranberry changed to a cherry with a stem
  28. Orange slice changed to a strawberry
  29. Spring of lavender was added near the old-fashioned
  30. Both tall flute/champagne glasses and the mint leaves flopped locations
  31. Different type of wine glass
  32. Flower bud appears
  33. Another fun toast “to good times” was added
  34. Jalapeno slice added
  35. Apple slices and cinnamon sticks changed to a lime slice and mint leaves - both sounds good to me!
  36. New drink was added, and drink moved slightly to the right
  37. Strawberry changed to a fresh peach slice


Were you able to find all the changes?

Can you Identify the following drinks within the puzzle?
1 - Mai Tia
2 - Margarita
3 - Thyme after Thyme Gin Cocktail
4 - Blood Orange Martini
5 - Arnold Palmer
6 - Hard Lemonade Cocktail
7 - Brandy Old Fashioned
8 - Pina Colada with Cherry/Orange Garnish
9 - Cosmopolitan
10 - Cucumber Mint Gin Cooler
11 - White Russian
12 - Aperol spritz
13 - Beer
14 - Fruity sangria
15 - Rosemary & Berries
16 - Whiskey & Coke
17 - Amaretto sour
18 - Blue Hawaiian Cocktail
19 - Rose Petal Martini
20 - Mojito
21 - Raspberry Champagne
22 - Cucumber Martini
23 - Champagne - Blood Orange and Mint
24 - Champagne - French 75
25 - Blue Martini
26 - Tequila Sunrise
27 - Manhattan
28 - Old Fashioned
29 - Red Wine
30 - Tickled Pink Sparkling Wine
31 - Blackberry Pear Cider
32 - Spicy Margarita
33 - Dirty Martini
34 - Moscow Mule
35 - Strawberry Margarita on the Rocks
36 - Cucumber Vodka Rickey

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