Revealed: Chicago Spirit


  Here's the whole twist...

What a windy day in Chicago. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. In all, you should be able to locate 25 differences from the puzzle you have assembled and the box image.

Chicago Spirit Revealed:

  1. The Chicago Harbor Lighthouse now protects the harbor
  2. Jack Frost added his trademark chill to the Windy City
  3. A daring soul is ice surfing in the harbor
  4. The crescent moon is facing another direction
  5. A lone shooting star is flying across the horizon
  6. Someone is flying a kite downtown
  7. A few stars sparkle in the sky
  8. Art Institute lion is sporting a wreath for the Holidays
  9. Additional Holiday lights on the evergreens
  10. Blackbird soaring into the scene
  11. Atop the Wrigley Building time has changed
  12. Beyond the Cloud Gate (Bean) a man is chasing his hat
  13. Three of the Navy Pier ferris wheel carts are now green
  14. Additional lights on the Navy Pier ferris wheel
  15. Crossbeams added to the John Hancock Center
  16. Smurfit-Stone (Diamond) building reflections have changed
  17. Trump Tower has an additional antenna
  18. 311 South Wacker building is taller – left of Sears Tower
  19. CNA Plaza windows added – right of Sears Tower
  20. Flags blowing in the wind behind Navy Pier
  21. Chicago Theatre sign appears downtown
  22. Pizza sign appears on Navy Pier
  23. Someone’s shoveling snow around Navy Pier
  24. A snowman has been built on top of the Water Tower
  25. Man playing saxophone in building next to Water Tower

Were you able to find all the changes?

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