Revealed: Colorful Canines


  Here's the whole twist...


Colorful Canines

These colorful canines are up to mischief … some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Colorful Canines Revealed:

1) Background colors have changed (blue/green to green/blue)

2) Blue dog in the upper left corner has a collar

3) Doberman Pinscher has found a stick

4) Komondor has put on a pair of pink ear muffs

5) A new Chihuahua with a red collar has entered the scene at the top of the puzzle

6) Black Poodle at the top has acquired a pair of red glasses

7) A cat has snuck into the seen above the Schnauzer

8) A butterfly has landed on the ear of the Bulldog in the upper right corner

9) The Border Collie has a nice new spiked collar

10) Brown dog has found a slipper

11) Cute little puppy has changed his pink ribbon for a party hat

12) Brown dog has appeared to the left of the Boston Terrier

13) A black cat is spying on the crew from the middle of the pack

14) The white American Eskimo Dog has put on a scarf to keep warm

15) The Afghan Hound has donned a crown

16) His Royal Afghan Hound has a meal fit for a king

17) The Papillon has shades

18) The yellow Labrador Retriever has caught a frisbee

19) Large brown dog has changed his paisley bandana in for one with polka-dots

20) The Airedale Terrier has put on a sweater!

21) Brown dog in the center of the puzzle has a new winter hat with a pompom

22) A bird has landed on the head of a yellow dog

23) The Dachshund is showing off his talent of being able to balance a ball on his nose

24) This same yellow dog has found a bone

25) The brown dog on the right side has found a ball

26) Boxer in the lower left corner has a cool new grey fedora hat

27) Bichon Frise has a nice new blue bowtie

28) Rottweiler has the unfortunate cone… but it’s for his own good!

29) Curious black dog has joined the scene in the lower left corner

30) Chihuahua has a stylish new top hat

31) New Blue Spaniel has joined the scene at the bottom right corner of the puzzle

32) Oh No!  The grey Weimaraner got a hold of that pillow


Were you able to find all the changes?

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