Revealed: Colorful Cats


  Here's the whole twist...


These colorful cats are up to mischief … some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Colorful Cats Revealed:

1) Black bird has appeared on the head of a gray cat.
2) Black cat is now grinning as he sees the black bird that’s now on the gray cat.
3) Butterfly has flown into the scene and is perched on the ear of an orange cat.
4) Yellow cat now looking at and swatting the butterfly.
5) The striped cat in the upper right corner is now looking to the left vs right.
6) A new blue cat has joined the scene!
7) A yellow striped cat is motioning “see no evil” in the center of image.
8) Brown cat is motioning “hear no evil.”
9) Blue cat is motioning “speak no evil.”
10) Yellow cat now has a blue collar with a bell.
11) Yellow cat is enjoying a cool glass of milk… Yum!
12) White cat has a nice new blue bow.
13) Pink cat has a nice new pink polka-dot bow.
14) Mouse has wandered into the scene.
15) Cats around the mouse are all eyeing him…
16) Yellow cat near mouse has changed his expression from a smile to a serious stare.
17) White cat’s paw is resting on the head of the blue and white cat next to him.
18) Blue and white cat looks frustrated that the white cat’s paw is now resting on his head.
19) Cool cat on the right side is now wearing shades.
20) The sophisticated gray cat is now wearing a nice black bow tie.
21) White cat with one green eye on the right now has one green eye on the left!
22) Orange cat is now wearing a crown.
23) Orange cat with a crown now has his eyes closed.
24) Siamese cat now has a collar.
25) Five cats in the lower right corner have all switched locations!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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