Revealed: Cookies at Christmas


  Here's the whole twist...


Cookies at Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle

What a display of beautiful, delicious sugar cookies for Christmas!  A few mischievous elves worked their magic on the presentation. Were you able to find the 20 differences they created between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?



Cookies at Christmas Revealed:

1) Blue car swapped places with the red truck

2) Holly on the white plate changed to a Christmas tree

3) Red and white gift moved from the red plate to the white plate

4) Cookie cutter changed from a Christmas tree into a bell

5) Red and green candy coated candies were added to the bottom of the puzzle

6) Three unfrosted cookies moved locations

7) The table runner has changed (fabric and pattern now plaid)

8) The red polka dotted stocking changed to a red striped stocking

9) Santa cookie was holding a teddy bear now holding a candy cane

10) The star on top of the Christmas tree on the red plate changed

11) The black and red plaid gift cookie moved from the table to the red plate

12) The snowman snow globe swapped positions with the Christmas tree snow globe

13) The unfrosted gingerbread man swapped positions with a frosted gingerbread man

14) Mrs. Claus' uncooked cookies are now cooked and served with candy canes

15) Small snowman and gingerbread man on the red plate swapped locations

16) Santa on the red plate went from holding a blue gift to a orange gift with blue polka dots

17) A few marshmallows have been added to the hot chocolate and table

18) Two snowmen on the round plate switched positions

19) Snowman went from holding a wreath to holding a cardinal

20) Cookie of milk and cookies on the round plate changed from a gingerbread man to a candy cane

Were you able to find all the changes?

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