Revealed: Cool Cats


  Here's the whole twist...

Cool Cats

With 35 changes this is one puzzle with some serious cattitude.  Were you able to identify all the differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?  Let's find out!

Cool Cats Twists:  (refer to visual map of box cover below)

1. Same cat, but flipped
2. Cat moved to location he might regret (next to screaming cat, location #21) and the “rooster” costume cat moved here
3. Cat moved to new location (#20) and flipped (still near his buddy) and replaced with pointing cat 
4. Cat moved to new location (#26) and replaced with new cat hanging out here 
5. Cat moved to new location (#11) and replaced with ninja cat (ninja moved so fast didn’t see him on the box)!
6. Replaced with new cat listening in on the rest of the cats
7. Hands up cat moves to new location (#14) and a new shocked cat takes this place
8. Replaced with a new cat winking at you
9. The color of the top hat ribbon changed… now matches his eyes!
10. Cat crying after getting paw pricked from the cactus – Ouch!
11. Cat replaced by cat from location #5
12. Cat replaced by new very happy cat with heart headband
13. Same cat, but eye colors swapped
14. Cat replaced by cat from location #7
15. Color of the lenses of the 3D eye glasses swapped
16. Background color changed from tan to blue
17. Popcorn now overflowing!
18. Eye glass frames changed color from hot pink to funky green
19. Background color changed from yellow to orange
20. Cat moved to location #2, and the cat from location #3 moved here and flipped
21. Cat moved to location #3 and the cat from location #2 moved here
22. Cat replaced with new screaming cat! Yikes!
23. Painter’s hat and brush changed colors
24. Cat now eating a swirled flavored ice cream cone. Yum!
25. Donut cat replaced by cat blowing a bubble
26. Cat moved to bottom of puzzle (location #31) and replaced with cat from location #4
27. Color of the flower changed from pink to blue
28. Cat sipping a soda moved to new location #34 and new cat in his place has a pet friend!?!
29. Grumpy cat swapped places with caffeinated cat in location #33 
30. Background of the same cat now watermelon
31. Cat replaced by cat in location #26
32. New super excited cat added – either shocked or trying to scare grumpy cat
33. Caffeinated cat swapped places with grumpy cat in location #29 
34. Cat replaced by soda pop cat from location #28
35. Background and soda color changed

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