Revealed: Discover the Fair from A to Z


  Here's the whole twist...


So much to see at the Minnesota State Fair that it is a good thing it lasts for 12 days! Many things have gone amiss while exploring both old and new favorites on the fairgrounds. Were you able to identify the 80 differences between the box cover and the final puzzle image?


Discover the Fair from A to Z Revealed (in alphabetical order):

  1. A - Flags have changed colors on the Agriculture building
  2. A - Boy and alpaca have changed directions
  3. A - Someone ate a slice of the apple pie!
  4. B - A new band appears in the Bandshell… wait they were playing at the Dan Patch Park
  5. B - Boar must have needed to cool down (a bit muddy)
  6. B - Boar ate some cookies
  7. B - Boy takes a selfie with the biggest boar
  8. C - Corn dog was added to the letter C
  9. D - New band on the Dan Patch stage… wait they were playing at the Bandshell
  10. D - Yellow and blue umbrellas switched places located near the benches in Dan Patch Park
  11. D - People gathered to watch performance at DNR Garden stage
  12. D - Two more ducklings are following mama
  13. E - More people are entering the fair (person pushing stroller, child running, and 3 more just passing through the gate)
  14. E - Every other flag at entrance is now green (versus all blue)
  15. E - It is now evening – judging by the color of the sky in top right corner
  16. F - The Ferris Wheel cars have rotated
  17. F - The Fairchild statue is now holding a flag
  18. F - People are watching the fish
  19. G - More people are entering the Grandstand
  20. G - Fireworks light up the sky
  21. G - The newlywed couple (shown on W on the box cover) are now going down the Giant Slide in celebration
  22. H - Barrels change colors with one knocked down by the rider
  23. H - Ghost moved above the haunted house (now facing the other direction)
  24. H - Zombies appear on the loose
  25. I - Flags appear on the International Bazar (Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Mexico)
  26. I - Vine has grown over the globe
  27. I - Flowers now in bloom just below globe
  28. I - Man and child have moved (to the left side of the letter I)
  29. I - Two new people appear to be headed to the Information booth
  30. J - One of the jars has been opened… probably for tasting
  31. K - K letter color swaps with P letter (now is pink)
  32. K - Tube man (large inflatable stick figure balloon) has gotten larger
  33. L - Lumberjack took a dunk
  34. L - Girl watering the garden admires how fast the corn has grown
  35. L - Llama costume contest participant appears among the sunflowers!
  36. M - Night sky with fireworks at the Midway
  37. M - Midway is now lit up
  38. M - Slingshot ride flings upward
  39. M - Bite has been eaten from the donut
  40. M - Basketball lands in the mini donuts
  41. M - Line of people appear waiting for tickets or corndogs
  42. M - All-you-can-drink milk cup appears
  43. N - Trees change colors around the North End Event Center
  44. N - Tired fairgoer takes a break under the tree
  45. N - Birds fly off near him
  46. O - Tractors shuffle places in the Old Iron Show
  47. O - Steam engine is running (you can see the steam)
  48. O - Oink Booth pig and sign swap, and a piglet joins the scene
  49. P - P letter color swaps with Q (now is orange)
  50. P - Babe the Blue Ox could no longer resist and is eating some peanuts
  51. P - Turman signature is added to the Paul Bunyan statue
  52. Q - Quilt pattern has changed
  53. Q - Quilt lady’s hair and dress swap colors!
  54. R - DJ is facing a different direction
  55. R - DJ’s shirt has changed color, along with his sunglasses to match (blue to red)
  56. R - Boy’s shorts now blue (the color of the DJ’s shirt on the box)
  57. S - Sheep appear – with one even sheared
  58. S - Trees near Skyride have changed color
  59. T - Mom appears and is buying a ticket for her daughter at the Ticket Booth
  60. U - U letter color swaps with Z (now U of M gold color)
  61. U - Drum Major added to lead the band
  62. U - Three pigeons appear on Underwood sign, UPS box and in the sky
  63. Near U - Couple swaps places with the father carrying a son on his shoulders (found in right and left bottom corners)
  64. V - Viper cars have rotated and you can see the snake’s tongue
  65. V - V letter changes color to purple… perhaps Viking’s purple?
  66. W - More people added shopping, standing in line, strolling (13 in all) on the letter W
  67. W - Wedding ceremony has ended… couple is no longer standing here (as mentioned now cruising down the Giant Slide)
  68. Near W - Kids taking selfie change up their background
  69. Near X - Exhausted women on the bench has changed location
  70. Near X - That poor, exhausted women has slurped down her drink
  71. X - On the letter X, couples expressions change as they find their location!
  72. X - Helps that the map is now turned right side up
  73. X - Twins change location in the stroller
  74. Y - Lovebirds appear in the tree above the Ye Od Mill sign
  75. Y - Fish jumps out of the water
  76. Near Y- Boy petting the invisible dog flipped (same location, but boy is on his right side of the man versus left)
  77. Z - Z letter color swapped with U (now blue)
  78. Z - Zucchini grows even bigger
  79. Z - As a result of the even larger zucchini, red ribbon changes to blue!
  80. Near Z - Barry signature moves
Were you able to find all the changes?

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The following is a guide of what you see from A to Z on the puzzle.  Have you seen all these things at the Minnesota State Fair?

A – Agricultural Building, Apples, Apple pie, Alpaca Costume Competition

B – Bandshell, Biggest Boar, Blue ribbon, Butter Carving, Butter Queen, Bucket of cookies

C – CHS Miracle of Birth building (baby lamb), Carousel, Cow… Corn on the Cob added!

D – Dan Patch Park and stage, Duck, DNR Garden Stage

E – Entrance, Eco Experience

F – Fairchild Statue, Fish Pond, Ferris Wheel, Fire Tower … added Fireworks, Flag on Fairchild’s staff

G – Giant Slide, Grandstand, Goat

H – Haunted House, History & Heritage Center, Horse

I – International Bazaar, Information Booth

J – Jams, Jellies, J.V. Bailey House

K – Kidway, Krazy Maze

L – Little Farm Hands, Lumberjack Show Log rolling, Llama,

M – Midway (Mighty Midway), Mini Donuts, Milk (all-you-can-drink) in Minnesota State Fair cup

N – North End Event Center

O – Oink Booth, Old Iron Show

P – Paul Bunyan Statue (with Babe) eating a Pronto Pup, Peanuts, Poultry, Pigeon

Q – Quilt making

R – Radio Broadcasting, Rabbit

S – Space Tower, Skyride, Skyglider, Sheep…one sheared!

T – Tickets, Turkey-on-a-Stick, Trolley

U – University of Minnesota Outdoor Stage, UPS mailbox, Umbrella, Underwood street sign

V – Viper ride, Visitor’s Plaza

W – Watertower, West End Market (specifically, The Blue Barn, LuLu’s Public House-first rooftop patio at the fair, Market Canopies)

X – X marks the spot on map as to where you are!

Y – Ye Olde Mill

Z – Zipper ride, Zuchinni winner of blue ribbon

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