Revealed: Downtown St. Paul


  Here's the whole twist...

This puzzle was created for the 2015 St. Paul Winter Carnival Jigsaw Puzzle Contest.  72 teams competed to complete the PuzzleTwist® jigsaw puzzle featuring Michael Birawer’s striking painting of Downtown St. Paul.  The Jigsaw Puzzle Contest was truly an enjoyable experience for the contestants given Michael Birawer’s unique image and the challenge of a PuzzleTwist jigsaw puzzle.  The teams discovered some fun and unexpected surprises, including some Winter Carnival additions.  The  Adult Division winning team completed the puzzle in 90 minutes while the Family Division winning team completed the puzzle in 119 minutes.

The “Downtown St. Paul” image was originally painted by Michael Birawer in 2008.  Michael was excited to be a part of the Winter Carnival event as he is from St. Paul.  At the conclusion of the jigsaw puzzle contest Michael made a surprise appearance, congratulated the winners and signed jigsaw puzzles for the contestants.

Downtown St. Paul Revealed:

Lots happening in downtown St. Paul.  Were you able to catch the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

  1. There’s a State Capitol fireworks show!
  2. Flags are up on the State Capitol.
  3. Oxidation on the Cathedral is referred to as patina (green color).  New copper has the roof bronze again!
  4. It’s starting to snow on the east side of St. Paul.
  5. There’s a plane promoting the Winter Carnival flying overhead.
  6. Two planes swap locations.
  7. Barge appears on east side of the Mississippi.
  8. Truck on bridge is now sporting the Winter Carnival logo.
  9. Cars change colors (2 cars under the bridge in the distance changed colors from brown and blue to yellow and brown, and a yellow car just above them to the left changed to blue.  In the foreground another car changed from blue to green).
  10. A new blue car has appeared on the bridge in the foreground.
  11. Science Museum sign has changed from orange to yellow.
  12. A new train is on the track going the opposite direction with a caboose.
  13. There are lights on the pine trees to the right of the caboose.
  14. Trees change colors.  Trees along the river (on the side with the train) reflect the change of seasons going from spring to fall colors – left to right; and the trees in the foreground (close to the bridge) change to orange and some with yellow highlights.
  15. Windows on the gray building that borders the Mississippi in front of the Science Museum have moved around.
  16. Apartment buildings on the left side of the puzzle have changed colors.
  17. More people on the walking paths.  There’s a biker with a trailer stroller and a person pushing a stroller on the path in front of the train, and a person walking his dog in front of the apartments on the left side of the puzzle.
  18. The paddle boat has moved along the river closer to the ski boat.
  19. Ski boat has moved slightly and the people in the ski boat are now waving to the people in the paddle boat (Minnesota Nice).
  20. A new power boat has entered the Mississippi where the paddle boat was previously.
  21. Birds above the river have moved slightly to the east.
  22. Veteran’s Memorial can now be seen on the edge of the river (flags).
  23. A number of people have shown up on Harriet Island (grilling, playing soccer, rollerblading, biking and walking).
  24. Michael Birawer’s name is now shown in caps and small letters as opposed to all caps.
  25. Border at the bottom flopped colors – going from Autumn/green to green/Autumn.

Were you able to find all the changes?

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