Revealed: Duluth Alphabet


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Duluth Alphabet

What happened here!  Many things have gone amiss within the Zenith City of the Unsalted Seas.  This nickname was given to Duluth during a July 4th picnic in 1868 by Dr. Thomas Preston Foster, the founder of Duluth's first newspaper.  

In 1855 Duluth became the only port with access to both the Pacific (via railroads) and the Atlantic (as a result of the opening of the canal at Sault Ste. Marie that year).  Soon the lumber industry, mining and railroads were booming and Duluth experienced numerous changes as a rapid influx of workers entered the area and storefronts seemed to pop up overnight. 

Within Duluth Alphabet artist Samantha Nielsen takes us on a journey through this port town highlighting popular destinations as well as some locally known gems.  Were you able to find the 26+ differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Duluth Alphabet Revealed:

  • Duluth Alphabet title moved locations
  • A – all the trails – more trees added to the trail
  • B - blue lamps – now on the boardwalk
  • C - Canal Park – focus is on the lighthouses
  • D – Duluth Coffee Company - subtle change to color of flowers
  • E – Enger Tower – two pine trees now flank the tower
  • F – freighter ship – now going under a well-known bridge (Old Lifty image on box moved to freighter ship on puzzle)
  • G – great views – now panoramic view of Canal Park (Canal Park image on box moved to great views on puzzle)
  • H – hungry seagulls – seagull now standing on two legs
  • I – ice fishing – ice house changed color
  • J – jaunt through nature – pine needle branch is alongside the pine cone
  • K – kayaking & canoeing – stripe on the paddle is now green
  • L – Lake Superior – another tree was added (did you catch this one?)
  • M – malts – the flavor has changed!
  • N – North Shore – the bloom has changed colors
  • O – Old Lifty – fireworks abound on the Aerial Lift Bridge
  • P – port city – zoomed in look at one of the freighter ships
  • Q – quick runners – bib color has changed
  • R – rose garden – red roses have turned yellow and purple
  • S – so much snow – more snowflakes
  • T – tents for camping – campfire blazing
  • U – unbelievable fall colors – even more fall colors with maple leaves
  • V – Va Bene – now featuring outdoor seating and a new marquee
  • W – waves – now crashing upon the lighthouse (great views image on box moved to waves on puzzle)
  • X – xtra adventurous – different campsite with additional tree
  • Y – your favorite wildlife – another tree shown in the scene
  • Z – Zenith Bookstore – "Come on in" sign added and street light removed!

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