Revealed: Fish Frenzy!


  Here's the whole twist...


School of fish on the move! Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 18 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Fish Frenzy Revealed:


    1. The top legend fish are now all swimming from left to right.
    2. All of the fish on the bottom legend except the Black Crappie and Creek Chub have moved to the top legend.
    3. The bottom legend fish are now all swimming from right to left.
    4. All the fish on the top legend except the Paddlefish have moved to the bottom legend.
    5. The Trout-Perch and Northern Redbelly Dace have been added to the top legend.
    6. The Golden Shiner has been added to the bottom legend.
    7. A dark green line now separates the top legend from the primary puzzle.

Primary Puzzle Image:

  1. Weeds have grown in the water.
  2. Bubbles have appeared in the water.
  3. The Mottled Sculpin has moved from being in front of the Northern to being in front of the Walleye and has used its ability to modify body color to camouflage himself from predators (green to more brownish).
  4. The Paddlefish has closed his mouth.
  5. The Smallmouth Bass has moved to the left side of the puzzle below the Pumpkinseed.
  6. The Stickleback has moved up just a little to be right below the Walleye.
  7. The Black Crappie swam to the right side of the puzzle and is between the Walleye and Pumpkinseed.
  8. The Yellow Perch has switched directions and is now below the Black Bullhead.
  9. The Bowfin has switched directions and is now below the Largemouth Bass.
  10. The Northern Hogsucker has moved down below the Muskie.
  11. The Longnose Gar swam to the bottom of the puzzle.
  12. The Silver Redhorse swam up in front of the Bluegill.
  13. The Muskie swam up right below the Bluegill.
  14. A Trout-Perch entered the scene (behind Muskie).
  15. A Golden Shiner entered the scene (lower left behind Green Sunfish).
  16. The Green Sunfish has moved below the Muskie.
  17. A Northern Redbelly Dace entered the scene (lower left corner).
  18. The Rainbow Trout is now swimming right at you!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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