Revealed: Frosty Fun


  Here's the whole twist...

Frosty Fun

Snow and cold – perfect ingredients for winter fun!  Many things have gone amiss while getting outdoors to enjoy a snowy day at the St. Paul Winter Carnival.  Were you able to find the 20 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Frosty Fun Revealed:

  1. A few stars have shifted in the winter sky
  2. Titan, the Prince of the North Wind has blown in replacing the moon (upper right)
  3. The two large snowflakes in the upper right corner switched locations
  4. The moose is now facing into the wind (opposite direction)
  5. A cardinal has joined the moose in enjoying the Minnesota weather
  6. The skiers have moved to the northern part of the state
  7. The northern tree line has disappeared
  8. King Boreas and Vulcanus Rex are racing on the snowmobiles
  9. The boy fishing has reeled in a big one!
  10. Check out the change in each fisherman’s expression
  11. The man sitting on the plastic bucket is pointing at the big catch
  12. The girl working on the Twin Cities snow sculptures has proudly finished
  13. A pile of snowballs appears near the girl that built the sculpture
  14. The boy building the snowman has almost finished as well
  15. A snowball fight has begun between the Twin Cities
  16. The hockey player has moved to the southwest part of the state
  17. The hockey player now has competition
  18. A new tree line has appeared below the Twin Cities snow sculpture
  19. The two large snowflakes at the bottom of the puzzle have switched locations
  20. Wait, who is that tobogganing – it’s Klondike Kate!

 In addition to the changes above – the shape of the state of Minnesota is hidden 10 times throughout the puzzle. Can you spot them?  In the reveal map below you will see the locations circled.

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Frosty Reveal

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