Revealed: Game Night


  Here's the whole twist...


Gotta love game night! Bound to be filled with special memories and potential for bragging rights with a hard fought win. Many things have gone amiss while playing these traditional favorites with family and friends.

Were you able to find the 33 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Game Night Revealed:

  1. Clue board game has moved down a spot
  2. Pawn on Clue board is now purple instead of blue
  3. Battleship design has moved to the left corner
  4. Look out! Only one spot now left of the three on the Battleship submarine/ship
  5. Checkers board game moved to top right corner with less pieces showing
  6. Scramble moved just below “Game Night” image
  7. The “A” tile in Scramble now has “1” point shown on it
  8. Cribbage board moved to bottom right corner
  9. Cribbage cards display a new hand - changed from 5 of spades to Jack of spades
  10. Cribbage peg has moved starting a new game
  11. Sorry board game moved to lower left corner
  12. On the Sorry board, an additional red pawn appears close to home!
  13. Chess board location moved down – top of Chess board image now aligned with top of Game Night image
  14. The Game of Life image moved up where Sorry board game was shown
  15. The Game of Life car shows that the family unit has increased (now 6 pegs)
  16. Monopoly board game has moved to bottom of puzzle with more of the board, house, hotels and dice shown
  17. Hat piece in Monopoly free parking spot is now the car piece
  18. Trouble board game moved to right of Game Night image
  19. Trouble peg and game board path, now yellow (versus red)
  20. Game Night suits shown in black – changed order to club, diamond, spade, heart
  21. The “I” in “Night” now a horse chess piece versus the pawn
  22. In the Game Night image, did you notice die change? Rotated showing 5 and 4 (versus 3 and 5)
  23. Jigsaw puzzle pieces moved to the top – and now different colors (perhaps a PuzzleTwist® jigsaw since the pieces changed color!)
  24. Backgammon moved to right corner (roughly square shape changed to rectangular) and less pieces are shown
  25. Backgammon board spaces (tall, narrow triangles) are now correct colors (black piece on black space)
  26. Game of jacks has moved just above Game Night image
  27. Yahtzee moved to top
  28. New roll occurred in Yahtzee – dice shown with 3 and 2 (versus 2 and 4)
  29. Candyland move up – just above Game Night image
  30. Jacks moved up as well – staying next to Candyland’s new position
  31. Domino game moved slightly left with less of the game shown
  32. Tiles on dominoes now show matching 4’s (versus 2’s)
  33. In 3 locations on the box cover (Clue, Backgammon and Yahtzee), the pips show 6, 2 and 5 on the dice. This is not possible as the pips for 2 and 5 are actually across from each other on a six-sided die. The pips on the dice in the puzzle image show 6, 3 and 5 – as they should! Fun Fact: The sum of opposing faces on a die traditionally adds up to seven -- the most commonly rolled number of two dice!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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