Revealed: Gateway to the North Shore


  Here's the whole twist...

A trip along the north shore has many iconic spots you’ll want to see.  You’ll notice though, that on this road trip many things have gone amiss. 

Were you able to find the 34 differences between the box cover and the puzzle art?


Gateway to the North Shore Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

    1. The moon and reflection over Hollow Rock have moved, and there’s a shooting star
    2. Bird flew/moved towards the water
    3. Fireflies came out while camping
    4. Lights are on in Enger Tower...
    5. and you can see the top
    6. There are two more searchlights
    7. Welcome to Duluth sign changed color
    8. This gull flew/moved among the lights
    9. The paddle boarder is now going the other direction
    10. This gull moved and there’s another one to the right...
    11. and this gull also moved (if you could fly, would you stay still?!)
    12. The Aerial Lift Bridge has been raised...
    13. because there’s a ship that needs to pass
    14. Gull on the Fitger’s water tower is different...
    15. and there’s another gull in front of the Split Rock Lighthouse
    16. You can see silhouettes inside the tent
    17. The agates have all changed positions
    18. A new gull landed on top of the Harbor North Pier Lighthouse
    19. Look what’s playing at the NorShor Theatre!
    20. More lights are on upstairs in the Glensheen Mansion, and be sure to look closely in the window (you will see the silhouette of a person)
    21. You can now see the fountain and pool found in the garden at Glensheen Mansion
    22. There’s now two people canoeing 
    23. Did you spot the bald eagle in the tree?
    24. There’s a black bear cub near mama bear in the brush
    25. The St. Louis County Depot moved to lower left corner
    26. The kayaks, paddles and one person’s hair changed color!
    27. This gull flew/moved
    28. The berries moved
    29. North Shore Scenic Railroad engine is quite different!
    30. Cloud has moved
    31. Tough to spot, but the trees are slightly different (dark pine now appears in front of lighter color trees)
    32. Deer crossed the Gooseberry River
    33. The lady slipper is facing the other direction
    34. You can barely see this pine tree now

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