Revealed: Greetings for the Holidays


  Here's the whole twist...


Greetings for the Holidays is filled with warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season.  We hope the season will be even more filled with wonder as you discover the twists in these greetings. 

Were you able to find the 47 differences between the box cover and final puzzle image?

Greetings for the Holidays Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. Rocking Horse card background pattern swapped with the Stocking card (#38 location)
  2. Merry Merry Merry card has moved to where the Joy card was located (#29 location)
  3. Colors of the Merry Merry Merry letters have change order (now dark green, red, light green)
  4. Reindeer card moved to lower right corner of the puzzle (#45 location) …
  5. and, hey look, it’s Rudolph (now red nose and collar), facing the other direction waiting for Santa under a now moonlit sky casting shadows in the snow!
  6. Jingle Jingle card moved to Ho Ho Ho card (#40 location) – did you notice the bells now hung longest to shortest and there is a slight move in the Jingle lettering?!
  7. Noel card is tilted the other way...
  8. and the lettering, wreath and bow are different colors
  9. Snowflake card now has an appropriate greeting – Let it Snow
  10. that’s a Wrap! card moved to where the Warm & Cozy card was located (#43 location)
  11. that’s a Wrap! greeting now states No Peeking! …
  12. and a cute little mouse is peeking around the gift!
  13. Santa mug card has a different border...
  14. and there’s cookies! Yum.
  15. Holly card swapped with the Christmas lights card (#24 location)
  16. Fa La La card moved to where the Merry Merry Merry card was located (#2 location) - the colors on Fa La La card have changed, the wreath is flipped over and ribbon is gone
  17. There are colored lights now on the tree branch…
  18. and the border changed
  19. Nutcracker’s mouth is open...
  20. and there are two walnuts waiting to be cracked
  21. Greeting changed from Happy Holidays to Season’s Greetings
  22. The background appears to light up the words Most Wonderful Time...
  23. and the holly moved to bottom right on card
  24. Christmas light card swapped with the Holly card (#15 location)
  25. It’s now snowing … with a red cardinal joining the scene
  26. Garland appears on the tree in the sleigh
  27. Someone left footprints near the sleigh...
  28. There’s a new border on this card
  29. Joy card moved to where the Fa La La card was located (#16 location), background and letters changed color and ribbon was added
  30. Snowman is holding mistletoe and has buttons added – therefore the new greeting!
  31. Snowman card has been tilted
  32. The trees are arranged differently... middle row stays the same with top and bottom rows swapped
  33. Tree card border changed color
  34. Gingerbread cookie expression changed as someone bit off its arm!
  35. Greeting changed to a question (Yum?)
  36. Sled card now has a greeting of Oh What Fun!
  37. Sled card now has a rope…
  38. and the sled card border changed color
  39. Stocking card background swapped with the Rocking Horse card (#1 location) …
  40. and the stocking is now filled
  41. Ho Ho Ho card moved to where the Reindeer card was located (#4 location) …
  42. and the red mint is now green, blue snowflake design moved to middle, and cookie frosting is now red at bottom
  43. Warm & Cozy card moved to where the that’s a Wrap card was located (#10 location)
  44. Another cat is also napping
  45. Candles moved and one now has a holder under it
  46. Lantern card moved to where the Jingle Jingle card was located (#6 location)…
  47. and looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas (it’s snowing!)

Were you able to find all the changes?

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