Revealed: Hayward Bound


  Here's the whole twist...

This small town in Wisconsin's beautiful Northwoods is a paradise for outdoor lovers.  It’s no wonder many things have gone amiss with all the activities.  Were you able to find the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image? 




Hayward Bound Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.s.

  1. The lumberjack is speed climbing on the other side of the pole...
  2. wait, is it a different lumberjack? His shirt changed color...
  3. and his hair is a slightly different color
  4. The clouds in the sky have moved/changed
  5. There’s a big mosquito on the water tower!
  6. The tree branches disappeared
  7. The fishing scene changed seasons...
  8. and there are two freshwater fish swimming in the lake
  9. A woodpecker is on the climbing pole!
  10. The water skier’s swimsuit changed colors
  11. You see more sky just above the muskie’s head (under the water tower tank)
  12. The sign changed directions and the neon is lit up
  13. There are now 2 people in the muskie mouth of the observation deck...
  14. The hikers’ clothes and hair changed color
  15. It’s a llama! (Check out Joyful Journey Alpacas in Hayward)
  16. A third skier is in the race...
  17. as well as two other racers with different colors
  18. The flags changed positions
  19. The bikes are different colors...
  20. and the bikers switched places...
  21. plus their clothes and helmets changed colors
  22. One more piece of taffy added and they’re smaller
  23. A glass of wine joined the scene
  24. Lots of directions and destinations changed on the sign! Hope you can still find your way!
  25. And, a pint of beer joined the scene

    Extra twist: The water tower moved down (did you notice that you had to “puzzle” the top of it?!)

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Answers to the Hayward trivia!

What is the population of Hayward, WI?
In 2023, population is 2,594

What European city is a sister city to Hayward?
Lillehammer, Norway – hosted the 1994 Winter Olympics and 2016 Winter Youth Olympics

What Chicago gangster owned a hideaway-retreat near Hayward?
Al Capone’s hideout location is Couderay, WI.

What World Championships are held each year in Hayward, WI?
The Lumberjack World Championships are held the last full weekend in July every year.  Competitions showcase the best sawiing, chopping, speed climbing, log rolling, boom-running and more!

What Hall of Fame is in Hayward?
Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame – the world’s largest fishing museum dedicated to promoting freshwater fishing.  Includes 30,000 sq feet of displays, 500 outboards, 800 reels, 6,000 lures, hundreds of rods and varied fishing accessories.

What race held in Hayward is the largest in North America?
The American Birkebeiner which is the largest cross country ski race held each February runs from Cable to Hayward.

If you were in Hayward, what would it mean to “Puzzle Like a Cane?”
The school mascot is the Hurricanes.  The Hayward Community School District created a campaign titled, “Like a Cane” to promote community support and involvement in 2014.  Area business leaders created signs throughout the community such as, “Golf Like a Cane,” “Be Healthy Like a Cane,” and “Bank Like a Cane.”   Our sign would say “Puzzle Like a Cane” – to support the school district mantra.

What Hayward lumberjack obtained fame from being a cast member on MTV’s show The Real World: Boston?
Sean Duffy, who is an American politician (US representative for Wisconsin’s 7th congressional district from 2011-2019), prosecutor, former sports commentator and reality television personality.  He was a two-time winner of the Lumberjack World Championships speed-climbing competition!

What is the Moccasin Bar known for?
Home to the third largest “muskie” in the world.  Fun, iconic bar with its own taxidermy museum.


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