Revealed: Heart of Iowa


  Here's the whole twist...

The beauty of Iowa shines through in this puzzle providing us with a sampling of iconic Hawkeye State imagery. Within the rolling landscape, many things have gone amiss.

Were you able to find the 16 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Heart of Iowa Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

    1. American Goldfinch (Iowa's state bird) is facing the other direction...
    2. and the windmill blades also move
    3. IOWA lettering changes to IA IOWA design with added clouds in the background
    4. Wine bottle changes to a glass of wine and grapes
    5. “Welcome to the Hawkeye State” and “Ride on!” messages are added to the billboard
    6. Colors in the quilt pattern change to blues and red
    7. It must be fall, the leaves change colors on the Oak tree (Iowa's state tree)
    8. Bicyclists switch positions as they ride across Iowa in the RAGBRAI bike ride
    9. Different Black Angus cow appears in the field
    10. Pigs have moved (from location #14) and replace this Black Angus cow
    11. Stone foundation and trim change from tan to gray color on the barn
    12. Middle corn stalk silhouette changes to a baseball player from Field of Dreams
    13. Ears of corn are in different positions on this stalk of corn
    14. Holstein dairy cow replaces the pigs -- and one of black spots is the shape of Iowa!
    15. Sweet corn kernels are now yellow and white (maybe Peaches and Cream – yum!); 99% of Iowa’s corn production is dent corn, commonly called field corn, but sweet corn is also grown in Iowa
    16. Des Moines city skyline silhouette changes color

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