Revealed: Hello Winter


  Here's the whole twist...


It's Winter!  We like to say, find joy in the cold, for if you don't there will still be cold and snow!  Quite a few things have gone amiss in these delightful, uplifting winter scenes.

Were you able to find the 40 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?


Hello Winter Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

    1. The scene gets larger - goes to the edge of the puzzle
    2. Book on the shelf is a different color (appears it came from the chair)
    3. Book on chair is a different color (was taken from the shelf)
    4. Cozy Up With a Good Book changes color with designs added at beginning and end
    5. Snow has stopped falling and the moon is out
    6. Cup color and book color have changed...
    7. And a bookmark appears in the book on the table
    8. The outside border design changes
    9. The moon gets replaced with a star
    10. Fire changes colors from yellow to red...
    11. and the pile of firewood is all gone
    12. The phrase changes to Peace, Love & Bonfires
    13. Squirrel appears in the tree
    14. Cold Hands, Warm Heart changes colors
    15. Ready, Set, Snow! shovels move to Keepin’ it toasty cup of hot cocoa (location #26)
    16. Snowshoes flip around
    17. Two cute birds land on the snowshoes
    18. Snowman has a new friend on his arm (red cardinal)
    19. Snowman’s hat & scarf change colors
    20. Another new friend also joins the Snowman scene (rabbit!)
    21. Hockey skates replace ice skates (with a background color change)
    22. Bluebird flies away – replaced by red cardinal
    23. Brighter bluebird lands on another tree branch
    24. Heart swinging from the tree branch is now a star
    25. Color of the phrase Walking in a Winter Wonderland changed
    26. Hot chocolate moves to shovel (location #15)… and chocolate flakes are now in the hot cocoa
    27. Smores are now ready to eat
    28. Phrase has changed to Life’s Short – Make Smores
    29. Skis are different colors and…
    30. Bluebird is perched on a ski pole
    31. Pinecone is placed next to the lantern...
    32. and snow flurries abound (stars disappear and trees are even loaded with snow!)
    33. The phrase Seize the Night changes color
    34. This scene gets larger – goes to the edge of the puzzle
    35. Outside border design changes
    36. Cloud appears in the sky
    37. Red bird moves up a branch and…
    38. Additional bluebird lands in place of the red bird
    39. Snowman arms have moved – magical!
    40. There’s Snow Place Like Home phrase has designs added at beginning and end

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