Revealed: Homegrown


  Here's the whole twist...


Ah, the joy of gardening! It’s time to plant and pick your favorite garden vegetables, herbs and flowers, wherever they may grow. Were you able to find the 22 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?




      Homegrown Revealed

    1. Small, red tomato is replaced by celery stalks
    2. Heirloom tomato is replaced with juicy slice of watermelon
    3. Purple onion appears in place of the green tomato
    4. Let it grow has moved, replacing two small red tomatoes
    5. Red tomato turns into a green tomato
    6. Herbs change – two arugula leaves and a single leaf herb now basil leaves
    7. Large red tomato appears in place of garlic bulb
    8. Red tomato in place of green tomato
    9. Garden pruner appears
    10. Purple onion is now a yellow onion
    11. Two watermelon slices are replaced with heirloom tomato (from location #2)
    12. Three small red tomatoes appear in locations labeled 12
    13. Root & rise (with arugula leaf added under it) swap places with pea pods
    14. The two raspberries move up replacing the lavender
    15. Gardening glove appears where the raspberries were located
    16. Soul to Soil replaces the garden shears
    17. Garden trowel and hand fork replace the celery stalks
    18. Purple lavender replaced with two watermelon slices
    19. Cucumbers and a red pepper replaced with ear of corn
    20. The shovel and pitch fork switched positions
    21. New garden trowel appears in place of Soul to Soil
    22. Rosemary herbs are growing from the pot (and the garden fork has disappeared)

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