Revealed: Horseplay


  Here's the whole twist...

The beauty and wonder of these horses is truly breathtaking. As you might expect horses are playful, energetic and often on the move, so no surprise that many things have gone amiss. Were you able to find the 19 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Horseplay Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. California Quarter Horses are headed in the opposite direction across the countryside
  2. Mae and Naja (mother and son) moved to location #17 and changed directions
  3. Horseshoes now placed in the shape of a heart
  4. Harvey the Paint Horse finished his snack and appears to hear something as head is now upright
  5. Buxton the Quarter Horse/Arabian is running in the opposite direction
  6. Gypsy Gold Farm’s BB King (Gypsy Vanner Horse) swapped locations with Buxton the Quarter Horse/Arabian
  7. Frannie the Warmblood Mare seems to have something to say
  8. This winter herd is on the move as they frolic in the snow
  9. Finny the Pinto is now looking at you (head shifted to your right)
  10. Sake and Denard have gone from trotting to galloping.
  11. Poppi the Quarter horse with his buddy Benson, the Great Pyrenees/German Shepard cross continue their chat/greeting but in slightly changed position
  12. Panda in the flowers is now sporting a grin
  13. Stedemann the Warmblood turns his head for another view
  14. Someone painted the barn in the background – from green to brown
  15. Pinto changes to a Gypsy Vanner
  16. Buxton and Lily joined by Jess (third horse in the scene)
  17. Mae (morgan mare) and Naja (foal) move to location #2
  18. Frame color changes shade of green – lime to more of a teal color
  19. Thirsty horse named, Baby Shark! is happily drinking even more water!

Were you able to find all the changes?


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