Revealed: Ice Palace in Rice Park


  Here's the whole twist...

Ice Palace in Rice Park

What a fun day at the St Paul Winter Carnival!  Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle.  Were you able to find the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Ice Palace in Rice Park Revealed:
      1. It has begun to snow lightly.
      2. Snow has started to accumulate on the Landmark Center windows and rooftop.
      3. The boat has traveled along the river (now appears closer to the bridge).
      4. A paddleboat appears in the river.
      5. Smoke from a building on the right side of the puzzle below the bridge has disappeared and a new smoke stream has appeared just left of the Science Museum.
      6. A man and women appear in the top windows of the St. Paul Hotel.
      7. Some lights on the bridge are now green (not all red).
      8. Next to the St. Paul Hotel a dark tree lights up purple (near the King Boreas float in the parade).
      9. The purple lights on a tree in front of the ice rink have changed to green lights.
      10. A string of green lights have been added to trees along the boulevard.
      11. Three additional people have shown up to view the ice palace.
      12. A parade favorite, the St. Paul Bouncing Team appears with one girl high in the air.
      13. Winter Carnival marching officers have also joined the parade.
      14. The green and red cars swap locations on a side street near the marching band.
      15. An ice sculpture of a swan has appeared.
      16. The Red Baron ice sculpture has also appeared.
      17. A Vulcan has taken up ice skating on the ice rink - completing a figure eight!
      18. Another Vulcan is waving to you near the bottom of the puzzle just outside the ice rink - next to an additional light pole!
      19. A third Vulcan is watching the skaters while walking along the sidewalk just outside the Landmark Center.
      20. The time has changed on both of the Landmark Center clocks.
      21. A banner appears above the Landmark Center entrance welcoming everyone to the "Saint Paul Winter Carnival."
      22. The Winter Carnival logo appears at center ice within the ice rink.
      23. A skater in a blue sweater has changed direction while a female skater in a white sweater has come onto the ice rink.
      24. Banners appear around the perimeter of the ice rink (Queen of Snow, King Boreas, Vulcanus Rex, and Klondike Kate).
      25. The Vulcan's have started to celebrate with Winter Carnival fireworks in the sky!

    Were you able to find all the changes?

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