Revealed: Intentional Kindness


  Here's the whole twist...


Have you been inspired by these sweet creatures to spread some kindness to others?  Many things have gone amiss during their acts of kindness, but the outcome which warms your heart remains.

Were you able to find the 46 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Intentional Kindness Revealed:
Refer to box art below for location of each of these changes.

  1. The pelican changed color from white to grey
  2. The word “Ride” changed colors and is now blue
  3. Another mouse caught a ride
  4. The color of the hyena’s fur changed a bit
  5. The rocks are now gray
  6. The word “Laugh” is now purple
  7. The word “Write” is now green
  8. The Statue of Liberty is now the Eiffel Tower
  9. A different cat is writing the letter (gray with stripes)
  10. The rug under the cat changed color
  11. Three flowers on the frame around Intentional Kindness changed colors
  12. The hearts and stars of the frame changed top to bottom (with some color changes)
  13. The word “Intentional” changed colors
  14. The flowers and hearts on “Kindness” changed colors
  15. The rug has changed color and is now behind the frame
  16. There is less dog hair to vacuum
  17. The kindness statement is different
  18. The vacuum change color, the bag is full and the hose has shifted
  19. The dog is now brown
  20. A friend (the rabbit) is now helping to clean
  21. The table and bowl changed colors, and the bowl has tennis balls
  22. The frame and picture hanging on the wall is different
  23. The gray emu is now an ostrich!
  24. The snail’s shell changed color
  25. An ant joined to listen with the snail
  26. The word “Listener” changed color
  27. The tall grass and leaves are now green
  28. The word “Bake” is now purple
  29. The “Thank You” statement changed and is a different color
  30. The bear changed color and is enjoying cookies
  31. The swing set scene moved up (swapped with the knitting scene) and all the coral changed colors
  32. Hammerhead shark (vs grey shark) is now babysitting the turtles!
  33. The zebra and unicorn switched places
  34. Unicorn’s mane is a brighter rainbow of colors
  35. The grass is blowing in the opposite direction
  36. Unicorn’s horn is a different color
  37. Zebra’s nose is a different color
  38. Wait, that’s a different parrot sitting on the library
  39. The library book house is now purple...
  40. ...and now has puzzle boxes inside ;-)
  41. Colors on the flowers are different
  42. The statement changed to indicate now a "puzzle" library!
  43. The sheep is munching on the bush (bush is now smaller)...
  44. ...has less wool and is wearing stylist boxer shorts!
  45. The word “Give” is now green (and the whole scene swapped with swing set)
  46. The pig’s blanket is now different colors

Were you able to find all the changes?

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