Revealed: Iowa Spirit


  Here's the whole twist...

What a crazy day in Iowa. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 36 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Iowa Spirit Revealed:

1) Okoboji fireworks!
2) Crystal Lake fish is about to get hooked.
3) Fox River Sox have turned into the Sock Monkey.
4) There’s an additional baby eagle in the nest.
5) The Hawkeye Flag has swapped places with the Iowa State Flag.
6) All the quilts on the quilt barns have changed locations.
7) There’s a ghost coming out of Spook Cave.
8) There’s an additional sailboat in Spirit Lake.
9) There’s more popcorn around Jolly Time.

10) The Dear Abby Article is now titled Dear Abby.
11) America’s Heartland change to The Hawkeye State.
12) Colors in Iowa letters have been swapped.
13) Cow has walked into the scene by barn just below the Surf.
14) Couple swimmers are exiting the water slide into the Brandon frying pan.
15) Three cars are now on the bridge going across the Mississippi River.
16) The orange car on the bridge going across the Mississippi is now green.
17) The Freedom Rock by Quaker Oats has been repainted to state “Thank You Veterans!”
18) The Lighthouse over looking the Mississippi now has a beacon of light.
19) Route 6 now has three cars on it as opposed to one.
20) There’s an additional Loess Hills sign.
21) Albert the Bull has a new nose ring.
22) There’s two additional hikers on the Loess Hills.
23) There’s some sheep in front of the barn by Loess Hills.
24) There’s some pigs in front of one of the barns by Loess Hills.
25) There are some bikers going over the bridge by the gnome.
26) There’s two additional buttons by Snake Ally.
27) The car that was on Snake Ally is now a biker.
28) The Iowa Cub caught a baseball.
29) The dentist in American Gothic is now holding a pitchfork.
30) Hot air balloon has been popped!
31) The Hawkeye mascot is now holding the Iowa State Flag.
32) Here’s Johnny… no wait… that’s Carnac the Magnificent!
33) There’s more corn in the fields.
34) There are additional windmills in the fields.
35) The RAGBRAI race has moved further east.
36) Cow becomes the State Fair Butter Cow!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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Answers to the IOWA QUIZ:

1. Iowa is the only state with western and eastern borders formed by rivers. What are the rivers?
– Mississippi River (Wisconsin/Illinois) on the entire eastern border
– Missouri River (Nebraska) and its tributary Big Sioux River (South Dakota) on the western border

2. Iowa is #1 in US Agriculture:
• For what 2 crops?  Corn and soybeans. Also, produce more eggs than any other state!
• For what livestock? Pigs! Iowa also ranks #4 in cattle.
• For what renewable fuel?  Ethanol and biodiesel.

3. What percentage of Iowa’s electricity is generated by wind?  31% of its electricity (2015) – top state! Iowa is also, second only to Texas in wind power capacity.

4. Name Iowa’s state symbols:
• Bird? Eastern Goldfinch
• Flower? Wild Prairie Rose
• Tree? Oak
• Rock? Geodes

5. The first Iowa State Fair butter cow was in 1911.  How many sculptors have there been?
After 15 years of apprenticing with Norma Duffy, Sarah Pratt of West Des Moines became the fifth butter sculptor. (Previous sculptors: Wallace, Dutt and Norma Duffy-first woman in 1960)

What’s the average weight of a butter cow?
Butter version around 600 pounds (real dairy cow weighs more than 1,000 pounds).  Butter cow would butter ~19,200 slices of toast and take an average person 2 lifetimes to consume (yikes)!

6. What fruit was developed in Madison County?  Red Delicious apple
What fruit is most popular in Muscatine?  Muscatine Melons

7. Name these businesses and HQ locations within Iowa:
• Ice cream manufacturer?  Wells Dairy is the largest privately held, family owned ice cream manufacturer in the US.  Most well known for Blue Bunny ice cream, Wells Dairy is located in Le Mars (LeMars was named the Ice Cream Capital of the world.  There are 55 painted cone sculptures painted by local artists in various locations in town).
• Motorhome manufacturer?  Winnebago Industries in Forest City
• Largest cereal plant?  Quaker Oats Company in Cedar Rapids
• Popcorn manufacturer?  Jolly Time HQ in Sioux City
• Window manufacturer?  Pella windows HQ in Pella
• Convenience store chain?  Casey’s General Store Inc HQ in Ankeny
• Hamburger franchise?  Maid-Rite Corporation with the first walk-up in Muscatine, first franchise in Durant, and HQ in DesMoines

8. What is the original capital city of Iowa?  Iowa City was the capital from the date Iowa became a state in 1846 to 1857 when Des Moines became the new capital.

9. What Iowa railroad bridge is one of the highest and longest in the U.S.?  Kate Shelley High Bridge in Boone

10. Name Iowa’s largest cave.  Coldwater Cave across northeast Iowa; spans 16 miles.

11. Which Iowa state park claims the most caves?
Maquoketa Caves State Park features 16 caves with public access and 6 miles of hiking trails.

12. Name these famous Iowans and their birthplace:
• Western cowboy (The Duke)?  John Wayne born in Pilgrim
• Late night talk show host?  Johnny Carson in Corning
• Painter of rural America?  Grant Wood born in Anamosa, studio in Cedar Rapids, American Gothic house in Eldon?
• Former first lady?  Mamie Doud Eisenhower in Boone
• Twin sister columnists?  Ann Landers & Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby) who were sisters raised in Sioux City
• Founder of Pinterest?  Ben Siberman, West Des Moines native
• Actress in the film It’s A Wonderful Life?  Donna Reed born in Denison
• TV/film actor of Superman?  George Reeves in Woolstock
• Future birthplace of the Enterprise captain?  James T. Kirk in Riverside

13. Where are these world record roadside attractions?
• Largest Gnome – Ames (15 foot tall)
• Largest Strawberry – Strawberry Point (15 foot tall)
• Largest Bullhead – Crystal Lake (12 feet long)
• Largest Wooden Nickel – Iowa City farm (12 feet across)
• Largest Truckstop – Iowa 80 in Walcott (currently serves 5,000 customers per day)
• Largest Frying Pan – Brandon (14 feet 3 inches)
• Salt & Pepper Gallery – Traer with 16,000 sets!

14. What Presidential library and museum is in Iowa? Herbert Hoover in West Branch

15. What is Iowa’s largest outdoor waterpark?  Lost Island Water Park in Waterloo

16. What is the biggest, longest and oldest bicycle ride in the world?  Ragbrai, a 7-day, 500 mile ride with a new route each year
17. Name the college and mascot for:
• Iowa City:  University of Iowa, Herky the Hawk
• Ames:  Iowa State, Cy the Cardinal
• Cedar Falls:  University of Northern Iowa, Panther (TC for men & TK or “The Kitten” for women)
• Des Moines:  Drake, Spike the Bulldog (most recent live bulldog is named Griff)

18. What unique role does Iowa play in the presidential election process?
Every 4 years holds the first in the nation caucus. In 1972, first to hold Democratic caucus and had first Republican caucus four years later.

19. What is the Freedom Rock® Tour?
–  Created by artist Ray “Bubba” Sorensen to honor veterans by painting a patriotic themed rock in every county in Iowa (99 counties!).
–  The original Freedom Rock in Adair County is repainted each May in time for Memorial Day. The other Freedom Rocks will not change.

20. Name the 1989 and 1995 films produced in Iowa.
Field of Dreams: Movie released in 1989. Original movie site with farm and baseball field remains a popular tourist attraction in Dyersville, near Dubuque.
Bridges of Madison County: 1995 film based on novel of the same name.   In Winterset, there is an annual Covered Bridge Festival in October. Originally there were 19 covered bridges with only 6 remaining today.

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