Revealed: Kansas City – City of Fountains


  Here's the whole twist...

What a crazy day in Kansas City. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to catch the 25 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Kansas City – City of Fountains Revealed:

1) The Liberty Memorial on the top of the puzzle has increased in size.
2) Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has moved to the right side.
3) Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art has two additional lights shining in the water.
4) Loose Park Rose Garden Fountain has the center spray turned on.
5) Library steps have moved to the lower left corner of the puzzle.
6) It’s now daytime by the JC Nichols Fountain.
7) JC Nichols Plaza building now has red lights as opposed to white lights.
8) The wind has changed direction and the US Flag is flying left to right.
9) The title in the sky Kansas City and City of Fountains swapped locations.
10) An airplane is now flying over Kansas City.
11) The Marriot has changed from green to maroon.
12) The building in front of the Marriot has changed from pink to green.
13) Building on the left side of the puzzle has lights turned on in a number of windows.
14) The center window in Union Station now displays a King Tut banner.
15) There are cars now in the parking lot of the Union Station.
16) The Western Auto sign has been turned on.
17) The stop and go light just to the right of the Union Station is now green.
18) Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts has moved from the bottom of the puzzle to the top of the puzzle.
19) The Power and Lights building is summoning Batman!
20) The Shuttlecock has moved to the other side of Kauffman Stadium.
21) The Kauffman Stadium is now showing the yellow lights on the right side of the field.
22) The Shuttlecock photo is now in winter!
23) The photo of the Liberty Memorial on the bottom of the puzzle is now taken from the other side of the fountain.
24) There’s lightning by the Liberty Memorial on the bottom of the puzzle.
25) The color bars between the primary image and the square cuts have swapped places (orange now on top and pink now on bottom).

Were you able to find all the changes?

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