Revealed: Larry's Chance Encounter


  Here's the whole twist...

Congratulations on finishing our first fantasy jigsaw puzzle… did you have any idea what would happen when Larry rolled the die?

A few of the changes that you must have noticed, along with dramatic many-toothed creature coming into his peripheral view, include:

  • As Larry rolled the red die towards the frog, this caused the frog to spring into a full layout dive towards the water (or was it the shear revelation that there were so many threats in the forest!)?
  • Did you realize that was one large creature with tentacles skulking just under the water
  • Even the three rabbits each got in on the potential for attack – oh where did that mallet come from?
  • Understandably the crocodile did not want to miss the action with his head rising just above the surface
  • Overhead the bat-like creature takes flight
  • Larry’s encounter will depend on that die roll – truly a chance encounter!

Preston Stone, the artist for this puzzle, named the knight in this scene, Larry, in recognition of the original artist of the Dungeons and Dragons … help Tony.



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