Revealed: Midwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap


  Here's the whole twist...

So many incredible independent bookstores to visit across the Midwest.  On your road trip to find those good reads, you will find many things have gone amiss!

Were you able to find the 24 differences between the box cover and the puzzle art?


Midwest Indie Bookstore Roadmap Revealed:

  1. There’s a mouse going for a hot air balloon ride in the upper left corner
  2. North Dakota was green and is now blue
  3. The train in North Dakota now has oil tank cars
  4. Boy in Minnesota added a book to his stack and is straining to pull them on his toboggan
  5. Girl only has one piece left to finish the puzzle (in the top right title area)
  6. Isle Royale is now pink to reflect part of Michigan (shown in same pink color)
  7. Man in Michigan loves his book even more than fishing! (now holding a book instead of a fish)
  8. Baby is now reading the book, instead of the monkey (on the left edge of the puzzle)
  9. Moose has disappeared in the Twin Cities (just above the letter “M”)
  10. Woman got the kids to settle down while she reads them a good book (in the Twin Cities)
  11. Motorcycle is now a bicycle with books on the back in Wisconsin
  12. The boy climbed to the top of Black Elk Peak in South Dakota to read a book
  13. The girl on the ladder (left side of puzzle) is reaching for the now completed sandwich
  14. Man has campers’ full attention reading a spooky ghost story around the campfire (in Nebraska)
  15. Super Book Girl saves the books from the two robbers in Kansas
  16. In southeast Iowa, the squirrel is enjoying his new book about nuts, and the cat appears quite frightened by his new book!
  17. Illinois was green and is now blue
  18. Let’s Read Book rally at the capital (Madison) has ended
  19. Looks like someone just knocked one out of the Milwaukee Brewers ballpark
  20. The Bean (Cloud Gate) in Chicago disappeared
  21. Horse opening present in Missouri is now wearing the new unicorn and reading
  22. Car in Illinois is now a convertible with the top down
  23. Girl seeing the note “Read Me” (on lower ride side of puzzle), organizes the books (now stacked with coffee cup on top behind her) and shares the book with a whole bunch of new friends (rabbit, mice, worm, bird)
  24. The bus near the Gateway Arch in St Louis must have left (no longer shown)

Were you able to find all the changes?

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