Revealed: MinneSNOWta


  Here's the whole twist...


Let the winter festivities begin!  Many things have gone amiss while getting outdoors to enjoy a snowy Minnesota winter.  Were you able to find the 30 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

MinneSNOWta Revealed:

  1. The lettering of “Let it Snow” on top left switched with the bottom “Let it Snow” image.
  2. Background colors of all three “Let it Snow” designs switched location and more snowflakes appear around all “Let it Snow” images.
  3. The cardinal is now looking to the right and the acorn shifted as well.
  4. There’s a rider on the snowmobile crossing sign and they’re now headed in the opposite direction.
  5. A moon is on the rise behind the Ole the Viking.
  6. Glogg glass has flopped horizontally.
  7. Cross-country skier in the green jacket is now in the lead (or they switched sweaters!).
  8. Some blinds have been drawn in the home.
  9. Tan cat has appeared in the window.
  10. The winter hat (in the MN outline) has swapped locations with hat on bottom of puzzle.
  11. Cup of cocoa now has marshmallows.
  12. Winter Carnival logo has rotated 45 degrees.
  13. A cloud has blown in behind the polar bear and it has started to snow – but he is still fishing!
  14. The polar bear has caught a fish and his pole bends with the catch.
  15. Another polar bear comes out of the fish house to check out the big catch.
  16. The designs on the gold coffee mug have changed.
  17. Coffee beans have moved locations and a third bean was added.
  18. Signs for Sledding, Hot Cocoa, Ski Lodge and Ice Rink have been switched around and the letter color for Ski Lodge and Sledding swapped.
  19. The pinecone has flopped horizontally.
  20. The pom on the gnome’s hat is now hanging on the other side.
  21. The bear’s eyes are now closed... must be hibernating...  ZZZZZZ...
  22. Welcome Winter has changed the angle in which it is written.
  23. The snowman that was skiing has taken up sledding.
  24. The curling stone is headed in the opposite direction.
  25. The snowshoes must have been used as snow appears on top of them.
  26. There’s a gnome skiing now!
  27. There is snow on the evergreens behind the gnome.
  28. It’s snowing on Paul Bunyan.
  29. Paul has changed the way he is handling the hockey stick.
  30. Babe has become his goalie!

Were you able to find all the changes?

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