Revealed: Missouri Spirit


  Here's the whole twist...

Missouri Spirit – What a crazy day in Missouri. Many things have gone amiss… some very obvious, yet some subtle. Were you able to find the 37 differences between the puzzle you assembled and the box image?

Missouri Spirit Revealed:

  1. Two farms at top flopped horizontally (fall scene now on left and spring scene on right).
  2. There are now two bald eagles in the tree on left side.
  3. The sign pointing to Iowa has moved locations.
  4. A scarecrow with an additional black crow has appeared in the Iowa farm.
  5. Tom Sawyer has talked a friend into painting the fence.
  6. Horse-drawn wagon is now traveling east.
  7. Jesse James is now Wanted Dead or Alive!
  8. 2015 and 1985 now appear on the Kansas City baseball.
  9. There's an additional shuttlecock that has appeared in Kansas City.
  10. The state fair ferris wheel cars have rotated locations.
  11. The Truman campaign button has rotated clockwise 45º.
  12. The Kansas City library book spines rotated clockwise 180º.
  13. The Winnie the Pooh title has changed to Charlette's Web.
  14. A balloon has appeared by Walt's hometown.
  15. The sign pointing to Illinois has moved downriver.
  16. The paddleboat is now sporting an additional bunting and an American flag.
  17. A giraffe has escaped the zoo.
  18. An additional biker is biking the Katy Trail.
  19. An additional US 66 road sign has appeared on Route 66 near St. Louis.
  20. Two people are now fishing near the Grand Falls.
  21. An additional sailboat is in Lake Ozark.
  22. Two people are in the boat pulling the parasailor.
  23. Elliot Kelly has shed a tear.
  24. Deer and cross have swapped locations on the Ste. Genevieve flag.
  25. The Auckland sign has changed to Cuba, MO (sign located in Lebanon, MO).
  26. The Mexico City sign has changed to Table Rock Lake, MO (sign located in Lebanon, MO).
  27. A fisherman has caught a prized fish near Clearwater Lake.
  28. The Ozark Scenic Riverway sign changed to Mark Twain National Forest.
  29. Three additional roller coaster cars have appeared in Branson, MO.
  30. A US 66 sign has appeared near Joplin on Route 66.
  31. Mark Twain National Forest sign has changed to Ozark Mountains sign.
  32. Musical notes have appeared next to Cheryl Crow in southern MO.
  33. The sign pointing to Arkansas has moved locations.
  34. A Kansas City mascot is now waving a Kansas City flag.
  35. There are musical notes by Scott Joplin.
  36. Geese flying from east to west are now flying west to east.
  37. All the mascots and characters at bottom have moved around.

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